Xbox One's digital strategy overlooks popular games like DayZ

Gamasutra: "'I'm quite happy for DayZ to come out on any console that is indie-friendly,' says Dean Hall, project lead on the game, which, springing from the runaway success of his original mod, is currently in full-on development as a standalone title.

The problem: He doesn't see any indication that Microsoft has changed its policies in a way that makes it possible for him to bring his game to the Xbox One. 'As a developer, the biggest concern for me is, why doesn't Microsoft have a digital distribution model? They don't. It doesn't exist.'"

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Foxgod1999d ago

Find a publisher, if demand is high enough, that should be easy.
Just look at state of decay.

Lubu1999d ago

The point is, they shouldn't need a publisher. If they have the resources to self publish, why should they have to share their profits with a 3rd party?

Blankolf1999d ago

Don't insult your own inteligence good sir, this problem isn't about DayZ entering the PS4 and not the Xbox1, this is Xbox1 no longer being the indie friendly device, forcing little but small games to seek out a distributer.

Do you honestly think Minecraft, before its success would be taken by anyone? A retro mining open world with graphism that dates to my windows 98? But look at it now...

fermcr1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

If X1's digital strategy overlooks popular games like DayZ, then something is definitely wrong with X1's digital strategy.

Microsoft needs to alter X1's digital strategy because a lot of indie developers aren't happy with it and are going to ignore the X1.

Ace Killa 081999d ago

Then again it's not like Dayz developers are the first to start off on a budget. Other Indie games were like that in XLA and kicked off. It is a supply and demand at the same time a gamble. It is 46 million(it may be active users or not) people that will not have access to this game, that's a big loss. - source for 46 million. I know it's outdated and also not of active subscriptions.

KwietStorm1999d ago

Indies are Indies for a reason. Several reasons really, but not having a publisher breathing down your neck, stifling creative direction, forcing release windows, regurgitating DLC and the like, and then taking a cut after all the work, is a big deal for these guys. They obviously can handle themselves, so why bring in this big company with other priorities to watch over the project? If it ends up not releasing on the Xbox, then so be it. You shouldn't have to compromise your own model because someone doesn't look at you as an equal partner.

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MatriXcian1999d ago

Day Z has been confirmed coming to PS4 sorry the loyal Xbox fans will miss out just because MS has terrible support for anything indie.

ThatCanadianGuy5141999d ago

That's right.I go where greatness awaits.

Ace Killa 081999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

But state of decay developers are working on something bigger for xbox one...

KwietStorm1999d ago

Confirmed where exactly?

Fireseed1999d ago

I seriously can't wait for the X1 as a gamer, but as a game artist I seriously cannot imagine why they still have this whole pay per update thing.

Ace Killa 081999d ago

In my opinion, it would make any developer think twice before submitting a game or update. No bad updates will be submitted. Then again in theory this practice could work or there might be other reasons why.

Fireseed1999d ago

Sure you can make them think before they us a broken update but my example to counter this is TF2 has long been considered the greatest example of post launch support. It to this day has had over 360 updates since the game has come out. And we see what has happened as a result of the 360 editions update locking.

The main reason why I'm baffled by this is that it really has no clear advantage for Xbox to keep these policies. Like seriously NONE whatsoever! Microsoft may have to push the update to live but COME ON! But hey I'm looking at this from a software developer standpoint, not a hardware dev stand point. Maybe theres some things I'm not aware of, but Steam puts updates out for 3rd parties games at no charge.