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Submitted by gamer42 955d ago | news

Nintendo explains 'why we're still in the hardware business'


"Go third-party." That's the advice Nintendo has received for a long time. Even before the company shipped the massively-successful Wii, analysts have always been bearish on Nintendo's position as a hardware manufacturer.

But, so long as Nintendo's making games, they will not back down on making hardware. Nintendo of America senior director of corporate communications Charlie Scibetta told us that "Nintendo systems come to life the best when the hardware and software work in perfect harmony. That's why we're still in the hardware business, because we think our hardware is the best way to bring software to life." (3DS, Dev, Wii U)

kirbyu  +   955d ago
I am so tired of seeing pictures like that.
IG-88  +   955d ago | Funny
Yeah, they really should update that to a PS4 case! ;)
PopRocks359  +   955d ago
I really love it when smug fanboys get away with comments like this. Thing is if anyone said "Wow, wouldn't it be cool to have a Wii U copy of Little Big Planet?", they would lose all of their bubbles within the month.
Utalkin2me  +   955d ago | Well said
I really love people with No sense of humor, makes smug comments, and call people fanboys. But has 7 bubbles...N4G works in mysterious ways.
IG-88  +   955d ago
YES! I am now a smug fanboy!!! My life is now complete!!!!
PopRocks359  +   955d ago

I think I'm well within my right not to laugh considering I've read that joke about a hundred times in the past six months. Sorry that my lack of enthusiasm and my bubble count offend you so.
ziratul  +   955d ago
PS and XBOX fanboys are jealous of Nintendo Wii U exclusives so they would like to play them on PS/XBOX..... I HOPE NEVER...!!!
JuleyJules  +   955d ago
What's pathetic about articles like this is that Nintendo will never publish on other systems. Fans of Sony/MS constantly put Nintendo and Nintendo fans down for liking games like Mario and Zelda YET they constantly dream on that one day they'll play the games on PS4/Xbone! Just accept the fact that you need Wii U to play them and enjoy the best of both worlds.
SockeyBoy  +   955d ago
I died a little when I saw Sega games on a Nintendo console :(
Mounce  +   955d ago
Does it upset Nintendo fans that much to view a What-if proposition that Nintendo successfully makes themselves a software giant?

Honestly, because Nintendo would be making a lot of profit if they were multiplatform.... every Fan, Gamer and even the In-denial fanboys all know that those who buy Nintendo consoles, buy it for the Nintendo games.

So, what if Nintendo didn't make a console and the games that everyone wanted were free to be bought on say, the 'ONE' console you bought? Say, PS4. You'd get Sony's great exclusives AND get to play your nostalgic-milking fan-favorite Nintendo games. Nintendo has nothing to lose, except their stubborn japanese pride.
Brasi1989  +   955d ago
Sony should drop out of hardware and make multiplat games that way I can play their games on my platform of choice. See how much sense that makes when you turn it around? Your argument could be made for every hardware manufacturer. However, consoles dropping out is bad for us as consumers. With little to no competition innovation gets left by the wayside and advancement slows considerably. Everyone should just enjoy your preferred console and stop complaining about not getting to play others First party games on it.
JuleyJules  +   955d ago
To keep it simple Sony/MS can make their exclusives multi-platform so everyone's happy. That scenario is as likely as Nintendo games going multi-platform.
Polysix  +   955d ago
@brasil no that makes no sense because sony (and even MS god help them) make MUCH MORE POWERFUL HARDWARE!!!

You are foolish to not even want to imagine the possibility of Nintendo IP on POWERFUL consoles!!

If Nintendo made a competitive console themselves then we wouldn't be saying this at all.

And if Sony made a low horse power console like Wii while Nintendo made a console like PS4 then yes it would make sense to ask Sony to go software only

that is what you Ninty fans are not getting, it's nothing against nintendo but they are holding themselves back, and you hardcore N fans are too precious and too selfish by the sounds of it. Does it matter which hardware so long as it's GOOD hardware that we can all play those good Nintendo games on?

Nintendo have shown no signs of wanting to keep up with technology, none at all, and now we just about scrape full HD versions of the same looking games as last gen, in fact LAST last gen - no mistakes these are HD gamecube graphics with a bit more power added. We all known Nintendo make great games, a PS fan like me also owned a gamecube, GBA, DS my gf has a 3DS - we are all consumers, gamers and don't have to have an either/or situation. We just want a BETTER system than what Nintendo seem to offer (online, tech specs, controller etc).

Nintendo would make far more profit for sure.

If they announced a console next year that was x2 the power of PS4 then fair enough, keep those exclusives and I'd buy their hardware because it would also attract the best 3rd party games - as it is Nintendo have problems getting enough good 3rd party games.. they are effectively holding their own IP to ransom which is just silly when you think about it.
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Mounce  +   955d ago
@Brasi1989 No, Brasi, you can't turn it around. Know the difference?

Third party developers don't like Wii, or Wii U. Sony and Microsoft don't have PROBLEMS getting simple bloody games. Wii U/Nintendo can't even bloody get EA and FIFA anymore. So, no. All Nintendo has going for it is their IP's

Seems I can't speak logically or with business around here, too many frantic and delusional Nintendo fanboys who're still stuck in the 80s and 90s....
ziratul  +   955d ago
I DON'T WANT to buy PS4 or XBOX because I already have a PC! 400$ for low end PC??? No way. Wii U is console PS4 and XBOX are not consoles, they are PC's with gamepads.
Mounce  +   955d ago
@ziratul - Well, it won't be anyones' problem on what great exclusives and 1st-party games you'll be missing out that won't infact go on the PC.

No matter how much you cry with bias, the reality goes back to: "Games make the console great, the console does not make the games great" - Sony guarantees excellence in their 1st party studios. Microsoft publishes a great handful of Xbox-related exclusive content and Nintendo does their own but in a reduced amount as I could easily ask what their last New IP was and the answer in my mind is Pikmin 1 for the Gamecube which was roughly 7-8 years ago.

To be strapped for cash is understandable, to not be able to afford all the consoles. However, to be ignorantly biased? No excuse. Just petty emotions robbing people like you of your freedom to think rationally. So, yea. Good luck playing games like The Last of Us on PC... I'll be content with my gaming laptop and PS4, tyvm.
Sincere0121  +   954d ago
But the gameplay wouldn't be as good on other consoles because of the dodgy controllers. it would spoil the whole gaming experience and wouldn't look right.
gamer42  +   954d ago
Their last new Ip from their first party studios is Xenoblade, which came in 2012 for the wii (2011 in Japan I think). It seems you have no affinity for nintendo games and that's okay, you can have opinions. But assuming that they would make more money from being third party in sort of silly. A majority of the money they make comes from their hardware sells and software sells, get rid of hardware, you get rid of what makes up a lot of their income, an amount selling a ridiculous amount of software could fix, but that would mean trying to get Mario Kart wii types of sales, something very hard to accomplish. They'd still make money, but not as much as if they stay in the hardware business.
In the end nintendo wouldn't be helping themselves at all by going third party.
TURKEYonWH3AT  +   954d ago
Nintendo is already a software giant.
Mounce  +   954d ago

Well, my only response really is that you're weirdly confusing Xenoblade as a Nintendo IP when Monolith Soft made it....Nintendo simply Published it. Nintendo OWNS Monolith Soft but that has no hold over their creative abilities am sure. It simply means that they make games only for Nintendo consoles where-as they used to make games for PS2 and the like.

As such, Nintendo didn't make Xenoblade and at that, the Xeno-saga has existed LONNNNNG before Nintendo ACQUIRED Monolith. You cannot count that as a 'Nintendo IP' for those multiple reasons, the Xeno saga existing before-hand of it becoming exclusive and before Namoco dropped out, the fact that Nintendo themselves didn't make it. It goes back that Pikmin was still their studios-last New-IP.
OwlEyes  +   954d ago
Nintendo are already a software giant.

Any other console, selling 20m copies of one game would make you the best selling software - on the Wii, 20m wouldn't even be enough to even get you into the top 5.
Mounce  +   954d ago
@Owleyes - Yes, and Majority of the games you list as selling over 20 million were games that simply shipped with a Console SKU - Meaning the game sold because the console that the person bought had it come with it and it was listed as Software-sold.

That's why Wii Sports is so high(80 mil?) - So, that means Wii Sports, Wii Mario, Wii Sports resort, and variably Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus and New Super Mario Bros Wii all sold the highest and were the ones that were paired with a console. The one underneath those Console-Sku sales, which by contributing them as it is JUST 'Software sold' when that's not the case, is Super Mario Galaxy which on its own sold well of 11.7M and SSBB at 11.5'ish Mil.

Your methods of saying WHY Nintendo are software giants are, Biased and flawed if anything.

If every single PS3 had Killzone 2 'OR' any named exclusive, and 70 million bought it - it too would look like the game itself sold a shitload.... Outside of 'Mario/Zelda' doing well on their own, GTA series and COD are the other contenders I guess these days. Then, Gran Turismo.
duckmysick  +   955d ago
I know you love Nintendo.. But only good can come from them going third party. That Zelda ps3 case is delicious! They would be the biggest third party in the universe! Basically printing $$$... Their hardware is what's keeping them back. If they were to full out balls to the wall console like ps4 and Xbox (d)one they would get shafted.. Cause other companies can't compete. Its coming bro.. Its coming.
duckmysick  +   955d ago
Can't compete with Nintendo games on Nintendo hardware... Just keep handhelds. Bring zelda, punchout and metroid on ps# and sit back...all marios stay on handhelds.
kirbyu  +   955d ago
It wouldn't be good for me.
bass4g  +   954d ago
Or they would lose all relevancy and become like sega. Unfortunately the latter is more likely to be the case.
N4g_null  +   955d ago
Mariokart 8 and x is why they still make hardware.
PerryCaravello  +   955d ago
In a few years you'll be accepting the reality of that picture lol.
BosSSyndrome  +   955d ago
That's what they said before...
about 12 times or so...
kirbyu  +   954d ago
Yeah sure, I get upset about it when it isn't real, but when it is....
3-4-5  +   954d ago
Nintendo games belong on Nintendo consoles and everybody knows that. There needs to be differences otherwise we get stuff like what Microsoft tried to pull.

Imagine if all 3 companies did what MS tried to do and we had no other choice ?

Choice and options are good, hence why they are so popular within the games we love.
PerryCaravello  +   954d ago
It's irrelevant what you think "belongs" and "where."

Nintendo could make billions in profit off going third party. The company would be a very strong software developer and their stock could actually rise.

It's irrelevant as a hardware competitor. It's a secondary console at best, it's not competition lol.
Gamesgbkiller  +   955d ago
Cool box art.

I wish Nintendo was with Sony. ( WTH I'm saying this )

They could do a really good job with the games.
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Concertoine  +   955d ago
If nintendo adopted the more modern view on gaming that Sony did (ie, online play in the new mario which is sorely lacking), they'd be my favorite of the big 3 EASY.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   955d ago
But that also mean all of their games would be more realistic in graphical presentation, which is something I'm not a fan of.

A Nintendo that pumps out realistic games is a Nintendo that I don't want.
IG-88  +   955d ago
it almost happened(at least them working together):

but then we got the PlayStation and the rest is history.
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pr0t0typeknuckles  +   955d ago
sometimes i wonder how the industry would be today had they stayed together,would we still have sega,would microsoft have entered the industry,so many what if possibilities.
IG-88  +   955d ago
well if they did it now the first party exclusives would melt people's faces.
kind of like this:
BosSSyndrome  +   955d ago
There's a video series of that on youtube by archimedes123.
Shnazzyone  +   955d ago
I wish Sony was with nintendo... and pc. But oh well.
MoveTheGlow  +   955d ago
I love Nintendo - absolutely love them as game designers and portable system manufacturers. Those portables have lasted forever for me! Great stuff.

But... I agree. If Scibetta's point is that the software is all tuned for one system, why not join with Sony? Then you've got one home console. Heck, have Nintendo do portable systems and Sony do home consoles, those are their strong points. Then you've shored up the Japanese market, and you make a console that is extremely distinctive from Microsoft OR Steam/PC - exclusive games from the best Japanese designers on great hardware.

But I get it if Scibetta's playing coy and actually saying "Look, our systems actually turn a profit. They're low-cost, and by optimizing our games for them, we still stand out and profit on the actual systems in the long run." If he just came out and said that, absolutely, I'd get it.

Honestly, I think there's still bad blood from the N64/Playstation breakup between Sony and Nintendo, where the Playstation was supposed to be a Nintendo console made by Sony, and something... Something happened. Ugh. And then the CDi happened. I'd be pissed for decades too.
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_QQ_  +   955d ago
I really hope they don't stop making hardware as they are the only ones who don't just make a mid PC with a Brand name on it.
wishingW3L  +   955d ago
like if they couldn't make those crappy gimmicky peripheral on other consoles....
_QQ_  +   955d ago
They have tried but it never works for them because they don't have the ability or talent to support it in a AAA experience, Move/eye toy/kinect/sixaxis
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Brasi1989  +   955d ago
This probably the most accurate statement I've heard about the other console manufacturers. +B
Trago1337  +   955d ago
None of the big three should go away.

Less competition's bad for EVERYONE.
MoveTheGlow  +   955d ago
Capitalism should work in such a way that someone else steps up to the plate. Should. I'm not saying it works that way all the time, look at Walmart or GameStop... But it should work that way. When Sega couldn't do it anymore, MS not only emerged, it put the rest of Sega's Dreamcast lineup on their system. After all, this generation, don't we have a big four? Hasn't Valve made the PC market that accessible? Isn't Nintendo mostly flexing portable muscles at this point?
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Aces17  +   955d ago
I really wish they would. I'm only 17 so I don't have money to spend on a WiiU and another console for third party games.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   955d ago
well easy solution dont buy it,im 17 and the way i get consoles is buy saving up money by doing jobs for people.
Shnazzyone  +   955d ago
Get a job and save the money, it wont take long. Do it while you're not paying for rent and bills. 2-3 weeks you got a wii U. 1 month and you got a nice pot for ps4 when it comes out.
buynit  +   955d ago
Some ppl are stupid.. I hope nintendo continues to make consoles for as long as they can..

I probably wouldnt be a gamer if it wasnt for nintendo, hell if it wasnt for nintendo none of us would probably gamers..

Show some damn respect..
Shnazzyone  +   955d ago
TheEvilWithin  +   955d ago
I'm with you bud! Most of all my gaming memories come from playing Nintendo games. Super Nintendo to this day is my favorite system EVER! I own every other system and hundreds and hundreds of games and to this day I love playing Super Nintendo games the most. The day Nintendo systems are gone is a sad sad day in the gaming world. You might say you wish they were gone now. Once there gone your going to wish they were back. Kids these days need to show some respect to Nintendo. You think SONY or Microsoft would be as good as they are today if it wasn't for Nintendo releasing there mega blockbuster tittles? Think again!
buynit  +   955d ago
Super nintendo... Memories.. I remember when i laid eyes on it at a kmart when i was a kid, they had it on display to play with yoshis island..

I remember that day because my grandmother and aunts went crazy looking for me, yup i quietly fell back and let them keep walking... That was the only way i knew i could get my hands on it for a few minutes..

Nintendo was great too! My goodness how crazy i went when i got zelda, the gold cartridge!

Its sad to see nintendo take shots like this.. I go as far back as atari and kelico, not sure if spelled right, but nintendo gold sealed the deal, pun intended...
TheEvilWithin  +   955d ago
For me my parents got entered into a radio contest and the Prize was a brand new Super Nintendo System which came with Super Mario World. Me and my dad would play for HOURS trying to find all the secret exits. When we found that secret area from the ghost house in the second area of the game we were freaking out lol. I Remember Contra 3 Alien Wars and Super Castlevania and god was I so into Super Mario RPG legend of the Seven stars lol Oh and Zombies Ate my Neighbors lol I love my Wii U I think its an amazing piece of tech plus with the backwards compatibility for Wii games its like an all in one system. Virtual Console is my favorite part of the Wii U. Can't wait for Gamecube games and N64 games to also be added. If you have a Wii U bud you should send me your tag!
#6.2.2 (Edited 955d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
buynit  +   955d ago
I dont have one yet but i will shortly, send me a pm with your tag or to my psn wanted in bpt

Aahhh... The good days with battle toads, earthworm jim, aladin but for some reason i remember that on genesis, bubsy lol double dragon, even frikin lion king was good nba jam, pilot wings.. Ok let me stop...

I might have to pick up a wiiu this weekend!

Its funny how nintendo has always innovated but never gets respect, have you seen that video if xbox one was your girlfriend... Thats how nintendo gets treated even though they always been around, video is funny as hell...
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Utalkin2me  +   955d ago
Amen to that brother!!!!
SkullBlade169  +   955d ago
Nah, early Sega consoles were better.
TheEvilWithin  +   955d ago
I liked sega but for me Nintendo was were it was at. I always had a huge love for the music in Super Nintendo games and Sega games. Something about 16 bit music. Its catchy lol
buynit  +   955d ago
I loved saturn and genesis too, atari had some gems to..
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JuleyJules  +   955d ago
i agree with you plus if it wasn't for Atari/Mattel/Coleco and Nintendo there might not be Sony/MS systems. Nintendo was publishing on those systems in the early 80s until the NES was released. Since then their games have only been on their own systems.
exfatal  +   955d ago
Couldnt have said it better well said
CaulkSlap  +   955d ago
They're still in the hardware business because of the Wii. Selling what was essentially repackaged Gamecube hardware was very profitable. They tried the overpriced junk hardware+gimmick again with the Wii U and it just isn't working as well.
AKR  +   954d ago
- Even before the Wii ~ Nintendo had the biggest profits. When the Wii came out, adding to the DS' triumph - Nintendo REALLY started rolling in the dough.

- They wanted to focus on gameplay over graphics, which is why they didn't try to make the Wii super-powerful. Even though it didn't have as much horsepower as it's competitors - it still has some beautiful titles like:

Xeneoblade Chronicles
Sonic Colors
Mario Galaxy 1&2
Zelda: Skyward Sword
Rayman Legends
FAST: Racing League
Jett Rocket

- The Wii U isn't overpriced. It's lowest standard retail price matches a PS3 bundle ($299) - which is nearly a decade old console. The U Gamepad isn't a gimmick - it acts as a wireless second screen, akin to the DS and it works quite well for it's purpose. If they didn't make it mandatory, the U's price would be at least $100 less - once again showing that it's not that overpriced.

You have been educated, young troll.
Brasi1989  +   954d ago
This line made me LOL. "You have been educated, young troll."
CaulkSlap  +   954d ago
The Wii didn't just have less horsepower. It had almost no advancement from the Gamecube whatsoever. Still used nearly the same architecture. The Gamecube hit $99 in 2003 and yet the Wii launched at $249 in 2006. That's just outright rip off compared to the loss leader pricing of Microsoft/Sony.

The Gamepad defines gimmick. It's quite apparent Nintendo was going for the same strategy that set off Wiimote gimmick hype. But this time people aren't buying into it. Sure the Wii had some good games, but most were just regular games best played with the classic controller that made the Wiimote entirely pointless. So really all the console was is just inferior hardware with games that might as well have been on other platforms.

You are definitely right that the Gamepad is a huge cost factor. But is it really going to add enough to the experience to justify the price tag when you receive such vastly inferior core hardware? Are the best games going to be normal games that might as well have been played with a controller and TV? And BTW it's not just graphics you lose with the hardware. The Wii U will likely suffer the same lack of multiplats the Wii did because it cannot run PS4/XB1 designed games without making a completely separate version in parallel.

My point is that Nintendo has backed themselves into a niche with the Wii U. It just can't function as an average gamer's primary system. Once the price comes down it will be a good companion console for those who want the Nintendo games and a different experience. I guess time will tell if that works out as a business model.
theWB27  +   955d ago
Nintendo shouldn't go away...but if they did another should step in. 3 consoles is the sweet spot.
gano  +   955d ago
No need to explain nintendo.
I'm glad your still here, and i will be supporting you till you get out.
wishingW3L  +   955d ago
Nintendo should go 3rd party already. Their hardware is nothing to brag about especially when the Wii and Wii U were so under-powered but over-priced and not to mention the godawful online infrastructure. Nintendo hardware is a joke.
#10 (Edited 955d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
Brasi1989  +   954d ago
Please refer to ExtremeAzures' comment above. That is all.
Sincere0121  +   954d ago
Well I guess by your logic ps4 and xbox one should just stick to hardware then as their software and games are a joke.
No_Pantaloons  +   955d ago
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD," he said, pointing to a port of decade-old game. "You can use the GamePad to take photographs, to write messages, and you can use Miiverse which is our online service, and you can actually put those screenshots in a Tingle bottle and send them out."

None of that sounds fun to me, if that's seriously the best they can come up with for having a 2nd screen then I'll probably never buy a wii U.
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   955d ago
To be fair, I don't think we should expect too much functionality from the second screen since the original game wasn't designed with it in mind.

I don't personally plan on getting a Wii U anytime soon but any new functionality in an HD port is pretty neat.
No_Pantaloons  +   955d ago
I'd agree, but that's his direct response to the "GamePad's marquee title?"

Sorta proves that even Nintendo doesn't really know how to use the 2nd screen in any substantial way, which is the gimmick the whole system is based on.
310dodo  +   955d ago
I would love too see Zelda on a Playstation.

it will most likely never ever happen...
...but I would love it
BosSSyndrome  +   955d ago
The day Nintendo goes third party, gaming will already have gone to s**t by then.
#13 (Edited 955d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
LOL_WUT  +   955d ago
According to who? You? If Nintendo ever decides to leave the console business it wouldn't be the be all, end all of gaming. ;)
BosSSyndrome  +   955d ago
You're missing the point. I'm saying that it would take a horrible, nearly gone industry to get Nintendo out of the hardware business.
Sincere0121  +   954d ago
It would be the end of console gaming. If Nintendo leaves the console business then playstation and xbox will have no one to copy and get ideas from and have no innovation. Playstation and xbox need Nintendo as Nintendo are the only company who knows anything about games and innovation!
thesavagelife7  +   955d ago
Wii U is garbage Nintendo should go third party.
unknownbystander  +   955d ago
Nintendo should never be out of the hardware business. They make their products so unique that you can't get their quality elsewhere. I think Nintendo sealed the deal for Wii U to become a console for gamers, casuals, and also a console that would acompany the PS4 or the Xbox One. I'm getting a PS4 alongside my Wii U so I wouldn't really miss out of a lot of things because I'm not much of a fan of Xbox exclusives. Plus I have a gaming PC. I however understand that my situation wouldn't be the same for all of us. Some more fortunate some are not. In this gen (next gen started when the Wii U was released), a perfect combination would be : Wii U/PS4 Wii U/Xbox One Wii U/PC Wii U/PS4/Xbox One or all 4 of them if your fortunate enough. (Notice that there is a Wii U in all of them?)
P.S. - Mr. Iwata also said that the Wii U isn't "under-powered" and that they will clear it up in the near future (probably by 2014).
unknownbystander  +   955d ago
Correct me if I'm wrong but I notice that somehow Sony and Microsoft try to imitate what Nintendo does

Nintendo does motion control with Wii
Sony makes PS Move for PS3
Microsoft makes Kinect

Nintendo makes 2nd screen gaming with Wii U
Microsoft creates Smartglass for Xbox 360 & 1
Sony makes second screen programming from PS4 to Vita a mandatory for all developers (Optional in use however). Sony even said that there is a dedicated chip from PS4 to stream to Vita.
exfatal  +   955d ago
Monkey see monkey do
AKR  +   954d ago
That should show you who's the real leader. The copy-catting basically started when Microsoft released the first XBOX (can't say XBOX 1 - Just compare it's controller to the GC Wavebird controller...

Related image(s)
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otter26  +   955d ago
I hope they continue to make hardware....they last forever...every nintendo console I have still works perfect...nes, snes, n64, gamecube, gameboy, wii....more powerful more problems.....
PerryCaravello  +   955d ago
PS4 for $399 or wiiu for $350?

I'm getting PS4. Wiiu doesn't have any games, no good's not even bluray capable.

Jirachi  +   954d ago
As much as I LOVE nintendo that thumbnail has me intreasted.
If i could play twilight princess,my favorite zelda game in HD i would just DIE of happyness
Wizziokid  +   954d ago
If Nintendo did quit hardware you know MS and Sony are going to throw a lot of money at them to try and get exclusive deals on Mario and Zelda, they would be stupid not to.
josephayal  +   954d ago
Nice Pic, i cannot wait to Play Zelda on my PS4
gamer42  +   954d ago
In your dreams, buddy.
Madock  +   954d ago
Sony is the one that shld stop making consoles & go back makin PCs, microsoft obv back to operating systems..nintendo invinted video game consoles with game & watch & shld continue to do so
GABRIEL1030  +   954d ago
Nintendo is unique, I dont want to see Halo in a PS console or Uncharted in a Xbox system. We need diversification in manufacturers, publishers and developers. Because only of the free competence, we could have the best products.
#23 (Edited 954d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TURKEYonWH3AT  +   954d ago
Considering that Nintendo is over 100 years old and almost always been profitable I don't think they really give two shits about putting their games on other consoles just for the money. Nintendo has billions in a vault some where with 2 koopa troopas standing guard. Nintendo is rich enough to do whatever they want. That's why they keep doing it. Also Nintendo is one of the rare game makers that actually cares about the consumer and not just about "how much of this crap and we market and sell and make money off of and then add dlc 3 days later and make more"
Jagsrock  +   954d ago
We need a Nintendo imagine how boring the gaming industry would be without Nintendo marching to their own drum. Their consoles might not be for everyone but it's clear that people love their games.
Simok123  +   954d ago
What people need to understand is that Nintendo GAMES are made for Nintendo HARDWARE and that Nintendo HARDWARE is made for Nintendo GAMES. When Nintendo is coming up with the concepts a new system they are also thinking of concepts for new games. The games they are making are made specifically with their own consoles in mind and the console is made specifically for the games they have in mind. A game like Skyward Sword for example, would simply not work on another console. If Nintendo limited themselves to what Sony and or Microsoft is doing with their console, they probably wouldn't get to be as innovative and creative with their new games, therefore losing their quality.
greenlantern2814  +   954d ago
But if they had no choice but to put it on a different console they could make it work. Goes for all 3
Simok123  +   954d ago
Probably, but apparently they said they would never make games for another system. If their consoles go down they're taking their games with them.
thomasmiller  +   954d ago
and the sony and microsoft trolls WILL NEVER STOP WHINING ABOUT IT!!!! GOOD GRIEF!! GROW UP!
greenlantern2814  +   954d ago
The truth is nobody wants to see their console of choice go down, 1 reason is people don't like backing a loser.
But while it would hurt some people to say have to buy a ps4 to play Mario you would. And that doesn't just apply to Nintendo and Nintendo fans, if Xbox went under halo would show up on ps and if sony stopped making consoles I am sure their devs would still make games. And you and I would still buy the games we love

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