Enjoy Mirror's Edge 1080p Direct Feed Teaser Trailer

Electronic Arts released – last week – the direct feed teaser trailer of Mirror’s Edge.

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crxss1999d ago

really want this game to come out as soon as possible. top 5 anticipated next-gen game

minimur121999d ago

what do you think looks better? TLOU or mirrors edge?

Blankolf1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

@minimur12 Besides comparing two games from two different generations, and Mirrors Edge's CGI trailer, I will satisfy you with an answer.

Mirrors Edge - clean and good looking.
Last of Us - darker and more realistic.

This is what I see from your photo comparison.

insomnium21999d ago

The first Mirror's edge is still one of my favourite games. I hope they get the atmosphere as good as it is in the first game. I can't even put my finger on it what it is exactly that makes the atmosphere in ME 1 as good as it is. It just is lol!

Hufandpuf1998d ago

The combination of environment and music. The first one was made on the Unreal Engine (Can you believe that?) So I'm curious to see how DICE keeps the atmosphere similar in a new engine.

MikeyDucati11999d ago

I sense a new PS3 wallpaper coming on. And this game will be certifiable dopeness. Gare Run Teed.

starchild1999d ago

Love, love love Mirror's Edge. Can't wait for this game.

SniperControl1999d ago

If I only buy one game next gen, this is it.

M-M1999d ago

Game looks amazing. I guess the art style allows for impressive visuals on the character models.

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