Elizabeth vs. Ellie | Escorting at its finest

Does Elizabeth from BioShock: Infinite reign supreme, or does newcomer Ellie in The Last of Us take the crown?

[This article contains spoilers]

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Steelmanner1970d ago

I don't really agree with the article. Not because the author didn't make great points, or that it was poorly written. I just think that neither of these characters make me feel like I am escorting them. For the most part they take care of themselves and have even gotten me out of a jam a few times.

minimur121969d ago

funny thing is, Troy Baker plays Booker and Joel

x5exotic1969d ago

Elizabeth > ellen page ripoff

yewles11969d ago

Kickass 14y/o > Disney Princess Ripoff

x5exotic1969d ago

Elizabeth > generic companion trying to be witty

romancer1970d ago

One does not"escort" either of these characters in the traditional sense; they look after themselves -- Elizabeth regularly passes along ammo; Ellie joins the fray and fights.

They are each unique, valuable and impressive in their own way.

No real basis for comparing them --let alone choosing one as "the winner".

BozoLoco1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Sorry but "escorting at its finest" makes me think of "prostitution at its finest".

Kurt Russell1969d ago

You must know what an escort is Kran ;)

minimur121969d ago

'escort urbandictionary'
and you'll understand what IC-1101 is talking about

Blacklash931969d ago

I'd say Elizabeth was less annoying, though Ellie gets credit for actually fighting. The AI in general with TLoU can get a little intrusive at times.

ltachiUchiha1969d ago

Its kind of unfair because elizabeth has powers where ellie is just a normal 14 year old girl. Also remember it is harder to create an ai partner especially when the game requires alot of stealth. Even though there are times ellie will break the immersion of being spotted naughty dog said they created it that way because they didnt want the player to get frustated if u were always seen. Plus the ai in the last of us is way more advanced then bioshock infinite. They dont even flank u, they just run straight to u like most ai do in most games. The ai in the last of us will try an flank u & come from all angles to kill u. Both partner ai's were great for what they were made to do but overall ai with the enemies included, the last of us triumphs in the overall experience.

Blacklash931969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

We're talking about the partner AI, not the enemy AI. My point stands that Elizabeth is a less intrusive AI partner. She almost never blocked my path (unlike allies in TLoU who did it somewhat often), and never got stuck in obstacles for extended periods (until the next scripted point) which happened to Ellie twice in my game.

Elizabeth is less intrusive, but she isn't as ambitious. Ellie actually fights and participates more in combat, which I'll give her credit for. I guess it kind of evens out.

nick3091969d ago

Ellie kept getting in my way, i say Elizabeth.

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The story is too old to be commented.