Naughty Dog's Ricky Cambier Makes us Feel Worse About the Ending of The Last of Us...

Clickonline writes: "I just got off the phone after a lengthy chat with The Last of Us Game Designer Ricky Cambier (follow him on Twitter here) and I’m feeling devastated all over again from talking to him about the ending. Spoilers follow."

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XxDarkGamerxX1999d ago

What a lame article lol.

I also dont believe this is even a real interview

The_Con-Sept1998d ago



All stupid ignorance aside from the other commentators... I really didn't think of it myself. In fact one of them begged for their life before I stabbed them. Seriously I didn't know you didn't have to off all of them.

brodychet1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

First playthrough I chucked all my smoke bombs in the room, then whipped out the bow and arrow, filled up the surgeon.

Proceeded to light one up with the flamethrower, but the next.

I let her walk away with what she had seen. So she could tell her friends.


The_Con-Sept1998d ago

@brody I wanted to do that but it was too late. I hit the melee button.

wishingW3L1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )


I only killed the one with the scalpel because he kept threatening me saying that he was going to continue the operation on Ellie. But I thought that if I grabbed her that the doctor would stab me or something so I killed him because I was low on health. XD


XxDarkGamerxX1999d ago

I was low on health for the entire hospital scene haha. Man that part was HARD!

banjadude1999d ago

My favorite part int he game and I actually stealthed all the guards! The only area where I didn't get detected at all. I did it on hard but I assume survivor will be nearly impossible to completely stealth.

All I know is, tensions where HIGH!

Lovable1999d ago

I stealthed my way on this one as well. Got detected when I tried to shoot an arrow to this armored dude...didn't work out as I thought it would be lmao

HammadTheBeast1999d ago


I cried at the beginning, when Tess dies, when Sam and Henry die, when Joel gets a hole in his stomach, when Ellie cuts David up, and when Ellie almost dies twice. And the ending, I also cried cause it was over.

Oh and giraffes as well.

The_Con-Sept1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

^^^ Random giraffe herd made me think there was some sort of t rex in there. Like that one scene from Jurassic park... Only with giraffe.

I think this is the first shooter to have a giraffe in it.

Toys are us must be proud.

P.S. I was hoping it would sneeze on her.

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tigertron1999d ago

*********BEWARE: MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!!**********

I just walked in and shot the two male doctors in the head and knocked the female doctor out (I think, or that one punch might have killed her...)


fourOeightshark1999d ago

I killed all 3 of the doctors because they tried to kill Ellie.

Wagz221999d ago

I killed the guy with the scalpel and the surgeon behind him, but I didn't kill the one curled up on the floor. My thinking was the guy with the scapel will kill me and the other guy behind him might retaliate, but the one that was just curled up on the floor wasn't going to fuck with me after what I did to the two others.

wastedcells1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

I killed everyone in the hospital. Everyone had to die. Glad Joel finished of the rest in the cut scenes. Joel made me do it. Best.....Game......Ever.

Conzul1999d ago

Indeed, I have never played a game that made me feel so good about dooming the rest of the world. Kudos ND!

3 surgeons, one bullet XD

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VanguardOfCalamity1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

I only killed the one with the scalpel ... if I remember correctly you get as close as you can to him and you grab his hand and jam the scalpel into his pie hole - its pretty awesome >:)

NOBODY touches baby girl!


at 11:05 for the scalpel to the face

KwietStorm1999d ago

I didn't even know all that. I just shot him in the face.

banjadude1999d ago

Ha! I'm gonna try that in my Survivor run. Thanks for the info.

schlanz1999d ago

Yeah that's how I did it.. I wasn't too low on health and just wanted to see if he actually would attack.. he didn't. Just got right in his face.. nothing happened... so proceeded to grab his scalpel and jam it into his face.

Unlike most people I didn't bother with the others.. no way they were going to try anything after that.

-GametimeUK-1999d ago


I walked in and instantly shot the guy in the face. The others started cowering and begging for their lives, but I couldn't give a rats ass and killed them with the shotgun too. Nobody messes with my Ellie! PERIOD!

rpd1231999d ago

I watched them plead for a bit then killed them all. I shotgunned two and beat the third to death.

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sparta761999d ago

Lol, I killed all of them 😬

rdgneoz31999d ago

Same. Saw Ellie on the table and popped each one in the head.

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