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The ‘Original’ Xbox One Vs. PlayStation 4 Would’ve Been Interesting to Watch

While some may be happy about the DRM changes to the Xbox One, Default Prime's Kyree Leary wanted Microsoft and the Xbox One to stand their ground, if only to see how their plan would work out. (PS4, Xbox One)

allformats  +   430d ago
No. It would have been a massacre. Now we'll have to settle for knockout punch.
komp  +   430d ago
Like what happened to Apollo Creed in Rocky?

The "original Xbox 1", for a minute I thought this was about that original console vs ps4.. I was like "wow" that's a new level we've gone to here......
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GARBAGE LICKER  +   429d ago
Apollo Creed won in Rocky by split decision, lost in 2 by knockout :P
MWong  +   429d ago
More like Drago (PS4) vs Apollo Creed (original XBone aka DRM Edition XBone).
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KillrateOmega  +   429d ago
What allformats said
The 'original' Xbox One was and would've been a disgrace.
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Godmars290  +   429d ago
Betting that with the one-time required online registration with the XB1, there's going to be a taste of what was missed.
ziggurcat  +   429d ago
it would have been no contest. at least now the xbone has a fighting chance since it'll truly just come down to the games.
reef1017  +   429d ago
Not if you worked at Microsoft.
hkgamer  +   429d ago
Well, I'm not really an xbox gamer at all so I wouldn't really care if it was an utter failure but it would have been cool to see how it would compete compare in console sales as well as game sales and financial success.

but I guess no company can afford to take that risk just to see if it will make money.
DarkZane  +   429d ago
It's still gonna be a massacre. Sony are still gonna destroy them. Price + Mandatory kinect, along with Sony having a better launch line up is gonna kill Microsoft. Also, you can't even change the hard disk on the Xbox One.
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vikingland1  +   429d ago
I just want a competitive generation this go around just like the 360 and the PS3. I loved playing on both of them. And I want to be able to enjoy both this time too.
CaulkSlap  +   429d ago
The "Original" Xbox One. Now that certainly brings to light the confusing nature of the name. My mind went straight to the original Xbox.

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