Activision Wants Nintendo To Be Successful With Wii U


Despite still not confirming whether Call of Duty: Ghosts will be coming to Wii U, Activision still says that it wants the Wii U to be a success for Nintendo. Activision Publishing boss Eric Hirshberg says that the company scrutinises opportunities very carefully, and if they think the opportunity will pay off, then they devote their efforts to it. Hirshberg says that they want to see Nintendo be successful and will do anything they can to do to ensure this happens.

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Neonridr1995d ago

If you want to see Nintendo be successful, then help them out by releasing your titles on them. As the install base grows, you'll sell more games on the system. Plain and simple.

-Mika-1995d ago

No, it not that simple. You're forgetting the PS4 and XB1. If I had a WiiU and a PS4. Guess which console im buying multiplatforms games for the PS4. Alot of gamers would rather add to their trophy score and have better graphics than play a game without achievements and worst graphics. The WiiU controller does not add any incentive either to sway gamers to buy games for that system. Tacked on map and quick weapon swapping isn't enough.

The WiiU just doesn't fit in the market. That just the honest truth. Developers know this, publishers know this, Nintendo is starting to realize this. This is why Third party publishers aren't supporting the system. Software sales has been horrible and there no market for it. MS has the casual crowd with kinect and Sony has the core.

millzy1021995d ago

thats your opinion, i on the other hand have a ps4 pre ordered and pre ordered watchdogs on wii u because i think the gamepad will add to the immersion to the game, i would even buy cod ghosts on wii u over ps4 because of dual screen local and online multiplayer
im buying arkham origins on wii u even though i have the others on ps3 because i liked armored core game mechanics (i played my friends wii u version), the only multi plat games im interested in that im not getting on wii u are ones that arn't released on it, so yes it is that simple, also what about people who only want a wii u, do they not deserve to play games.

Starbucks_Fan1995d ago

Why do you spend so much time typing the dumbest s*** on here.

BlackWolf1995d ago

Mika, I wish I could press the disagree button more than once.


theWB271995d ago

@Starbucks and Black Wolf

Hilarious stuff..

I'd get the WiiU...but it is only about games. Zelda being the big one. I haven't beat one since Ocarina of Time(didn't finish Wind Waker) so that's al it takes.

akaihana86plus1995d ago

and your comment was lost in the wind just like my dog's fart, you really never get tired of typing the same nonsense don't you?!

DarkBlood1995d ago

So your graphics whore too @mika, your not even a gamer in my eyes, your just a automated nintendo hater machine trying to convince people to stay away from nintendo

well your failing miserably since i own one so your statistics are wrong since like @Neonridr said it is plain and simple

so #dealwithit

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dark-hollow1995d ago

This was expected.

Third parties logic:
1- Release multiplatform game on the Wii u after it been on 360/ps3 for months.
2- make it half assed port with less content or/no dlc support.
3- complain when their game on a console with little to no fan base that's been only for barley a year is selling less than two consoles that's been since 8 years ago with fan base around 60-70 million.
4- abandon the console then complain that only Nintendo games sells well on Nintendo platforms.

Venox20081994d ago

that was a good one :) its true

ABizzel11995d ago

I think most gamers want Nintendo to be successful (even if they're slight fanboys, they just don't want another console to outsell their preference).

But it seems like Nintendo doesn't care what most gamers want. Yes we enjoy your old classic franchises and I especially love Zelda & Smash; however, I'm not 6 years old anymore. That 6 year old is now in college, and wants to you mature your franchises or make new franchises and IP's.

On top of that the Wii U needs a price cut, a real HDD for downloading games, and an identity.

Neonridr1995d ago

lol, good luck to a 6 year old beating Zelda or Smash Brothers.. ;)

I get what you are saying, but while the games appear kiddish in nature, getting 100% in games like Sunshine or Galaxy are tasks that most kids cannot do.

ABizzel11994d ago


It has nothing to do with full game completion, since most gamers fail to Platinum or get 1000 achievements in every game they buy.

What it has to do with is mature experiences, and games that don't screen if PIXAR was a game developer. There's nothing wrong with Nintendo's franchises they just need new one that appeal to different audiences.

You'll never see Nintendo make games like The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, Borderlands, Alan Wake, Gears of War, or even Uncharted. Metroid and Zelda are the closest things to those games from Nintendo, but even then their still not there yet (Metroid by all means should at the very least be on par with Halo maturity wise, not saying Halo is better just speaking how situations are handled like story, characters, etc...)

They have their iconic characters and family games down and they're among the best in the industry IMO, but there's been no evolution of new IP's from Nintendo that reaches an adult audience. That's all I'm saying.

For me personally there's only Zelda, Smash, and the rare 3rd party exclusive that makes me want a Wii U, unfortunately 4 - 5 games isn't enough, which is why I passed on buying another Wii (especially considering the Wii U can still play Wii games). As of now I'm in the same boat of buying the Wii U close to the end of it's lifecycle, until Nintendo proves they have more. The Wii U was the second console I was going to buy, but now that M$ has removed DRM and the other BS I'm cautiously watching the X1 which has exclusives like Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, TitanFall, Project Spark (only because it's F2P, so I can test it out), and complete 3rd party support which is more to my liking at this point in my life.

Tacticismro1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Nintendo need more exclusives games, like they need to less concentrate on Mario because they are making it worse with the 3DS and Wii U, it was best only on SNES. Zelda games are the only, the only best games Nintendo have.

They should now think about Next-gen, I mean now-a-days people like playing games which are realistic, hardcore and FUN like Uncharted, Dark souls etc. So they need to work on there next-gen console, the Wii U, cuz it going down in the gaming charts and people are starting to dislike it.

They really need to introduce new exclusive games, next E3 or else they will totally lose there fans and everyone will hate them.

AJBACK2FRAG1995d ago

That's nuts! Their fans want Mario. Realistic video games? Go away.

t3gamenews1995d ago

if they want wii u to succeed, why not advertise the wii u version of cod games more than (360/ps3)? why not release DLC for wii u version of those games? what is there plan?
why treat there wii u customers differently & deny them features?

AJBACK2FRAG1995d ago

Sadly there are more people playing Black Ops 1 on the Wii then there are people playing Black Ops 2 on the Wii U. Today there were over 80,000 gamers playing BO 1 on the Wii!

t3gamenews1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

i mostly play black ops 2 wii u online.
tho i hop on black ops 1 wii sometimes.

its only activision/treyarchs fault tho, when i 1st got bo2 on wii u, i played everyday, until like 4 - 7am sometimes. now it same old maps, & watching other older consoles(ps3/360) get dlc. & new maps. why we get nothing but a drought of patch updates. it as if they don't want the niintendo version to seem better than the sony/microsoft versions.

Foxgod1995d ago

They will be, but i doubt itl be thanks to third party support.

Face it, only Nintendo can make games the way Nintendo can, and people who buy a Nintendo, want those Nintendo styled games.

In a way, Nintendo is the Disney-Pixar of gaming, you can try and mimic it, but it just wont be the same.

jairusmonillas1995d ago

No chance Activision. Nintendo is back on N64/Gamecube days. If their gimmick isn't working it's not Wii 2 but Gamecube 2.

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