Haze Gameplay Q&A from GameSpy

Haze is the upcoming project from Free Radical, the studio responsible for the beloved Timesplitters series and the underappreciated Second Sight. In the first of a series of exclusives for this PS3 title, GameSpy got to talk with Derek Littlewood, the outspoken project lead for the title. GameSpy grilled him about the game's unique gameplay features, as well as details on the cooperative campaign.

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Palodios3763d ago

Sounds good to me! I hope FR can pull through again!

Sevir043763d ago

i've got in on preorder so once may 20th comes around i'll be hopping on to play

nirun3763d ago

banana troopers lol.

pretty excited for this one, i'm in need of some new FPS gameplay dynamics and this looks like it could fulfill.

Utalkin2me3763d ago

Things are more visible now that i know they made Timesplitters. And Second Sight never heard of it. So i am sure this one will be just as good as those 2 or at least the one i have heard of.

Delt43763d ago

im excited for the MP more than the story! TS MP was SICK

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