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'I’ve always been a fan of the MechWarrior franchise. That’s not to say that I have liked every game in the series but the concept of piloting large machines of war has always been appealing to me. I also I have a deep appreciation for the sport of free running or parkour. The gravity defying acrobatics some of those runners are able to pull off are simply amazing. So what happens when you take those two things and slap them together into a video game? You get pure awesome, and it is called Titanfall.'

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1969d ago
Godz Kastro1969d ago

This was voted game of the show by numerous outlets. Looks like MS might have its next gen gears of war or even bigger. The game play looks amazing. This will be a system seller. MS better do everything they can to keep this in their court especially if it blows up COD style.

I_am_Batman1969d ago

How can it be a system seller when it's on multiple systems?

theWB271969d ago

MGS is a system seller and it's been and will be released on separate systems. God of War is a system seller and it's been released on separate systems. How about Uncharted? Mario and Zelda?

No_Limit1969d ago

OK, system seller on Next Gen consoles. Happy now. :)

I_am_Batman1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

@theWB27: Metal Gear Solid was exclusive for 2 years before it came to PC. MGS2 for a year until substance released. MGS3 for 7 years until the HD collection released. MGS4 is still exclusive for the PS3.

GoW 1 and 2 - PS2 (HDC on PS3)
GoW:CoO and GoS - PSP (HDC on PS3)
GoW 3 and Ascension PS3 exclusive.

Uncharted - every game exclusive to one platform. (3 PS3, 1 PSV)

Mario - Some cross platform games but all exclusive to Nintendo.

Titanfall - PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 day 1, PS4 port very likely.

What I'm trying to say is that I don't need to buy an Xbox One to play Titanfall. So it's clearly not a system seller.

game_infected1969d ago

Only amazing thing = giant mechs .hope titans be customizable like loadout ,body size ,color and also vynils!

Godz Kastro1969d ago

I like how the mechs arent like boring slow. If they strike right balance this game will blow up. I can see it already.

WeaseL1969d ago

Depending on console sales it may reach the PS4 sooner rather than later

No_Limit1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Don't care, I will play this on Xbox One when it is release. I will get to enjoy it a year or more before it is even on the PS4, if that even happen.

ssj271969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Well I will be playing KILLZONE SHADOW FALL by November, maybe a year before thirs game lol and which will have better mercs. if you have play KZ3 mp you will know what I mean, the Skeleton mercs in Killzone are amazing!

GG has not showed their MP gameplay and features jet, they have been very quite and I bet they got amazing surprises.

Once they show it, pre order numbers are going to jump like crazy... most fps players only care about mp and Killzone will please everyone in their campaign and mp!

Titanfall does look good, it remind me to Killzone 3 and that is a good thing.

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