Sony Sacrificed the PS4 Camera to Beat Microsoft on Price

IGN:When Sony announced that PlayStation 4 would be priced at $399 to an uproar of applause from the audience at its E3 press conference, it secured a critical edge over the Xbox One. But the advantage came at a cost: the PlayStation 4 camera. According to multiple sources, in the months leading up to E3, Sony nixed plans to include the camera add-on with every system and shave $100 off it's originally planned price of $499. Most importantly, it did so quietly, informing its retail partners only of the removal of the camera, not specifying the lower price so as not to tip its hand to Microsoft.

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JoGam1518d ago

I wouldn't call it a sacrifice, but instead Sony gave us more options.

Abash1518d ago

It was a great move. When launching a console you have to consider the entry point, and for a brand new, powerful console $400 is the sweet spot for price.

Sony only cares about more people being able to get a PS4 at their price

blitz06231518d ago

It's not a sacrifice unless people actually wanted the camera to be forced or bundled. It was common sense on their part and obviously it paid off.

darthv721518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

is the ones putting this all together then they would know exactly how much it all costs and could potentially include the camera at little to no additional cost.

MS has to outsource their production of the xb1 so that has some bearing on the overall cost of their system. Not just the inclusion of the kinect camera.

I would like sony to reconsider and make their camera part of the package. If sold by itself, it wont have the same impact as something that is included by default. it would not get the same amount of support as something that is included by default. it would be an after thought by many consumers and only apply to the games specifically for it instead of the little nuances that could be implemented into every game or app released for the platform.

I want to see cameras supported more this gen and to do that then there has to be a common ground among platforms. Wii-u has a camera, xb1 has a camera and the ps4 has a camera but the later of the 3 does not have it by default.

sony, please reconsider as it will only add more value to the already great price point of the ps4.

kreate1518d ago

Agreed w blitz. Nobody wants a camera. Not even the kinect,
When its forced on u. So its not a sacrifice.

I have a kinect installed on my 360.
It sucks. I only got it to give the device a fair try before making conclusions.

abzdine1518d ago

i will call it the following:

"Sony gives a choice to gamers".

PS4 ftw

solidjun51518d ago

"sony, please reconsider as it will only add more value to the already great price point of the ps4."

Well you can just buy it. I don't think a camera is needed to play videogames. You mentioned Wii U but does Wii U have any games where the camera is such an important and integral part of the package that without it, the game wouldn't be that great? I don't think so.

Diver1518d ago

When has a launch PS console ever shipped with a camera? When has it ever been required to operate a base console?

Sorry worthless ign ms defenders. No precedent for what you are trying to spin.

gedapeleda1518d ago

It may be a sacrifice but I don't know if it's a good one. One thing good about xbone is that everyone will have a kinect so devs could implement some nice features. But we'll have to wait a bit for that.

darthv721518d ago

"When has a launch PS console ever shipped with a camera?"

Nintendo never launched a system with a camera until the DSi. Then it wasnt until the wii-u for their console. All that time up to that point they didnt release a camera as part of the package.

there has to be a first at some point. sony may not have in the past but they could make a change and do it now. Why is that so hard to accept?

yes i can buy it by itself and i will. i just feel if they included it as part of the standard pack that it would be more guaranteed of support unlike being treated like an after thought.

Sorry if i prefer to see things move forward with the inclusion of conveniences...even something like a camera.


Darth, you are wrong twice, in both your comments...

First, you don't know what the actual price to make the camera is, so how can you assume they could put it in there for free to little difference in price? In fact the article is saying exactly otherwise, they got rid of it to cut 100 bucks, despite not outsourcing.

Second, you forgot the Wii. Wii had a camera on day one and an IR camera none the less. It's called Wiimote! Yup, it has a camera in there, it's just being used backwards, to track to little LEDs on sensor bar instead of you, so you're shooting instead of being filmed. Someone had to be the first, and it did, it was Ninty.

And, on a closing point, you and I must have really diverging opinion in what is a convenience. For instance, forcing everyone to buy what they don't want in order to have what they actually want is not exactly convenient. Even if you really love cameras you probably know many think it's a gimmick, a diversion at best, don't matter how hard developers focus on that, it's not just the games for it not being good enough, it's the controller many don't want to use. Some of us are couch potatoes, you know. Also, please quit the "things moving forward" speech. You don't decide what is the way forward, market does, take a lesson from MS and "DRM is the future".

N4g_null1518d ago

This only hurt developers of motion games, which are not present on Sony consoles.unfortunately ms will get a ton of sells from motion gaming.

GrandTheftZamboni1518d ago

Yeah, looks more like Sony tricked M$ knowing that retail partners would leak the price.

mistertwoturbo1518d ago

Soooooo... Sony made a move to give consumers a lower price point, and they are making it like it's a bad thing just to beat Microsoft?

It's not like they took out Wi-fi and charged $100 for a separate peripheral, or charge peopple $150 for a separate hard drive, or made a separate attachment to play Blu-Rays. I mean what modern day company would do such a thing?


The_Con-Sept1518d ago

No one wants to look like an idiot while trying to access a certain menu item.

YNWA961518d ago

@ Bishop BR,
Darths point is that the camera would be great if it is part of package, developers would not hold back, knowing every PS4 owner has one and will not worry. I have kinect on X360, do not use it that much but my son does, so for me its valuable. I know also X1, while expensive, still represents good value to me, for the way I plan on using it. As for PS 4, I will love it no doubt, but will now probably never get the Move, unless it was dirt cheap. Also, your statement, forcing people to buy what they do not want, where are your statistics to back this up? A lot of people would prefer to get it packaged, rather than pay full price later in box. Darths opinions are his, hes entitled to it, and he never said anyone elses opinions are wrong...

bradleejones1518d ago

It's not like they took out Wi-fi and charged $100 for a separate peripheral, or charge peopple $150 for a separate hard drive, or made a separate attachment to play Blu-Rays. I mean what modern day company would do such a thing?


Death1518d ago

It's all about perspective.

Sony included Blu-ray to secure the format at PS3 owners expense. PS3 owneres were forced to pay for it. Sony also yanked backwards compatability giving owners the option to buy a PS2 to play their old games. They also gave us the option to buy these same PS2 games and download them to play on the same system that can't play the disc version. Sony did a similar thing with the PSP when they dumped the UMD drive.

Funny how you can charge for a feature on one console and it "adds value" and then when the same is done on another it's being "forced" to buy something nobody wants.

ThanatosDMC1518d ago

^Probably because we all have Kinect and what games did we actually play with it or what games actually worked properly. I played Just Dance got bored with it and made it collect dust... and then finally took it out again to play Steel Battalion Kinect. Wish i could have re-used my giant controller instead.



Yeah, I got his point, he thinks it's convenient for devs to know a camera is with every system and hence support people that care about the camera... And my point is that to achieve what he want Sony would need to basically screw everyone else who don't want a camera, showing that convenience is something about as subjective as it gets.

And I'll take it up a notch (as much as it can ruin your kid's day, sorry), most "hardcore" gamers doesn't simply don't care about camera, they want it fucking gone. We don't even want devs to have that kind of option so we're not forced to deal with it ever.

That's exactly what I meant by a controller many people don't want to use. We don't want devs to be wondering "hey, why don't we make every menu in this otherwise awesome game controlled by jumping in front of the TV like freaking a baboon in a branch, since every unit has a camera, you know?". It's that simple. Forcing a camera on costumers won't stop on owning the hardware, it's a matter of time 'till all software is also based around it, so it's not simply benefitting those who like a camera, it's taking a dump on those who can't stand it.

You may argue that's not not necessarily going to happen, but I disagree, just look at the Wii. The wiimote always could be used as a basic controller when sideways as well as there were a more advanced standard gamepad from day one, although this was sold stand-alone indeed, but anyway 99% of the games on Wii are not only meant to be pleyed through motion controls, they are only playable like that. Most games don't even care to have an option to play with the standard gamepad... That's what many can't stand (me included, I do enjoy some motion controls here and there, but I don't want it to become the standard ever, hence I don't support it to be bundled).

----------------------------- -------------------

How many more quotes from devs complaining about DVD storage limitations you wanna see before you let it go about Sony forcing BD into everyone? And, if it's so bad, why isn't Xbox One games media a DVD? Anyway, welcome to 2006.

Also, I don't remember anyone applauding Sony for the PSPGo (at all, it was praised about as much as it sold, which is crap in case you don't know) or removing BC from PS3 (in that case many were happy about the pricecut, not because Sony removed a feature or said "buy it again", in fact many were complaining all day long).

And, quite frankly, the whole BC is a non-issue, white people problem at it's best. You are not forced to sell your console or buy a new one, in fact, it's not the standard for a new platform to run games from an old platform so you only have yourself to blame for those expectations.

Before PS2 there was no backwards compatibility and gaming was just fine. After that only early PS3 models and Ninty (Wii and WiiU) even tapped full "use your old discs" BC, but try to find anyone who uses it extensively... And yet here we are, all looking forward to non-BC consoles and still gaming just as before none the less.

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pompombrum1518d ago

It certainly isn't a sacrifice. Sony done the right thing knowing that many gamers don't care for motion gaming and didn't want to force it on us.

lawgone1518d ago

Sone "done" the right thing? How about "did" the right thing?

dantesparda1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Ok, professor

Screw you IGN, you pay Sony the difference to include the camera since you want it so much. Stop trying to troll IGN!

hellvaguy1518d ago

But sony did force that gimmick touchpad on us instead.

dredgewalker1518d ago

It's an additional feature of the controller. It's still gonna have much more potential use in games than the camera.

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JsonHenry1518d ago

Fine by me. I never wanted kinect or motion control in general in the first place.

HateFanboys1518d ago

You're such a bad ass libertarian

vikingland11518d ago

It was a shrewd business move.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1518d ago

What? Sony didnt make its camera to compete with kinect its just an option like move.

LackTrue4K1518d ago

Smart move, if I see good use in gameplay ill pic one up month latter

theDECAY1518d ago

I see what you did there!

Smart MOVE? Eh? Eh?

LackTrue4K1518d ago

I can't take the credit, Sony makes it look EZ...
"Like Kinect One plus One!"

MastaMold1518d ago

How would the PS4 cost $499 with the PS Eye included in the box when the PS Eye by ITSELF cost $60, ign making sh!t up just to justify Xbone $499 price.

dantesparda1518d ago

Cuz they are MS fanboy trolls! They are full of crap and everybody knows it