Why Ubisoft Is Making The Division

IGN:Ubisoft explains why the timing is right for a Clancy MMO and how development on the project has progressed

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Blankolf1995d ago

I think the sole reason should be the great concept it has around it.

Enemy1995d ago

Ubisoft are on fire with The Division, Watch_Dogs, and The Crew.

Livecustoms1995d ago

couldnt agree more shame ea dont put all there money to good use !

NateCole1995d ago

Really great no doubt but the truth is i was hoping for an rpg or somthing elst that is not a shooter.

Godz Kastro1995d ago

It is an rpg at least, just with guns instead of swords :)

Godz Kastro1995d ago

After that demo this is my most anticipated game!!!! Hurry!!!!

JsonHenry1995d ago

For me this was the show stopper at E3. Nothing else in the show made me want it as bad as this game did.

Ilovetheps41995d ago

I agree that the game looked real good. But the thing that really impressed me with the demo that they showed was that the player communication sounded real. It wasn't overdone. It sounded like a couple gamers actually talking to each other in a strategic game. For some reason, that is tough for companies to get right.

But, the game does look great. I'll probably pick it up whenever it comes out.

Godz Kastro1995d ago

Same here and the best part was it was kept under wraps. Between this and Titanfall im set.

I actually watched the e3 demo of this game like 4-5 times. Ive never done that for a game. Once or twice maybe but 5-6 times. I keep listening to the players banter and all the detail around.

Correct me if im wrong but did she start a multi player match by shooting off the flare at the end of the video?

JsonHenry1995d ago

I don't know how that worked out. I just know once she set a flare for evac that she was ambushed. I am thinking it was just to set a climatic ending to the demo. making you want to see more of what was going to happen. From the looks of it though I got the impression it was supposed to be a rival group (actual humans) but I could be wrong. They really left me with more questions than answers as far as to what type of game it is. I just know I want it.

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