Pro Players Want Scorpion Banned From Injustice at EVO

Scorpion is shaking up the Injustice: Gods Among Us community by breaking the mechanics of the game, and they are threatening to drop it entirely if nothing is done about it.

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Kingthrash3601999d ago

scorpion wins........cheesetalilty!

MilkMan1999d ago

Good for them!
Get [email protected] Scorpion outta there, he does not belong in Injustice.

No_Limit1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

I wasted $15 for 3 characters that I don't want, with the exception of course being Lobo.

I shall not buy season pass again. What a freaking rip off. I wanted Martian Manhunter, Red Hood, and maybe Black Canary but Scorpion, really...Ed Boon?

HarryMasonHerpderp1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

This is the problem with season passes.
You're basically putting cash down for something you might not like or even be any good. I was puzzled why they included Scorpion in the season pass since I'm guessing people want characters from the comics and not Mortal Kombat.

Fringe_Agent131999d ago

I thought this was a DC fighting game. I don't see why Scorpion is in there. People like to say, "Well, it's the same people who made MK so...". That's bullshit to me. This is supposed to be a DC fighting game.

LightofDarkness1999d ago

I've yet to buy a Season Pass to any game because I wanted to see how they play out. And it looks to me like they don't work.

Borderlands 2 is another example where fans were screwed over by forking their money over without seeing the fruits of their investment first. You're gambling on a developer having great post-release support practices when they're no longer even TRYING to get your money, because you already gave it to them. And stuff like this is apparently the result.

Most other games just seem to get mediocre multiplayer add-on maps. I think season passes are a pretty bad idea and should stay behind in this gen in that big bin labelled "ideas that sounded great on paper..."

Fishermenofwar1999d ago

The king of cheese...Get Over Heeeeeeeerrrrrrrrre

Ozmoses1999d ago

I never was a big fighter game guy.. I have MK and I decided to pickup Injustice on launch day..

I haven't played MK in months and I played Injustice for about a week. I liked it, but I honestly just suck at fighting games, especially now in the age of internet.. I've probably won like 2 out of 25 matches online.

either way told the dude at GameStop I didn't want the season pass. I think I made the right decision, considering how I just traded Injustice back last week to add on to my PS4 pre-order.

Ultimately, my purchase of the game served it's purpose.