Australia, Settle Your Draconian Gaming Laws Already

Australia banned two games under its R18+ rating, even though those games are fine to ship elsewhere. What is going on?

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Cuthbo1967d ago

As an Australian I highly agree not just with this article but with our politics lack of knowledge on all entertainment areas. Spartacus Blood and sand (TV Series), was highly edited, cut sex scenes all the CG blood removed so it could appear on normal free TV. The problem with the government rating this content is that they aren't giving consumers choice even though all the rating laws are in place to do so. They could argue that children could get R18+ games and be influenced by them, that could also happen with movies, any form of internet media and so on. I added to the petition to add the R18+ rating to games here since it was ridiculous that it hadn't existed already.

Smoey1967d ago

Are they going to ban bleach because kids may get a hold of it? Or alcohol?

snipab8t1967d ago

I can understand why they banned SR4 (anal probes WTF?) but banning State of Decay for having real life drug names is absurd. People take drugs in movies, T.V. but as soon as it is in a video game, the government reckons that everyone who plays it will immediately go out and take drugs. Stupid really.

Cuthbo1967d ago

Even on the original xbox/PS2 era (I think) a game called "Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure" was banned in Australia. The reason behind the banning was because it had acts of "graffiti" in it.

snipab8t1967d ago

Didn't that happen to jet set radio or something?

Hicken1967d ago

Yeah, I feel for my Australian gaming brethren. They put up with a lot of crap, from super expensive games to some utterly stupid censorship. At one point, weren't they censoring labias in porn?

Can't say our government in the US is much better in other areas, though.

ChipChipperson1966d ago

Wow, Australia likes to ban a lot of things. They aren't exactly a free nation now are they.