Naruto Storm 3 DLC – Sage Kabuto Confirmed

A brand new scan confirms more DLC for Naruto Storm 3.

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tayz1998d ago

mind = blown!!! this is so unexpected... they are making more stuff for storm 3!!!

nick3091998d ago

Dlc is very expected these days

Snookies121998d ago

Not from CC2. Considering they said they wouldn't add characters.

I'm quite happy with this.

NovusTerminus1997d ago

This DLC I don't mind, game has been out for a while now, So we know it ain't on the disk. Otherwise he would have been found by now!

PositiveEmotions1997d ago

About time n4g put this here lol i saw this hours ago and im damn excited too

Williamson1997d ago

Will buy only if the story is expanded with this dlc, but I doubt it will.