On Violence Debate, Games Need to Get in the Ring

Ed Smith of IBTimes writes: "We're like the creatures from The Village; the virus from darkest Africa; the Rooskies. Gun crime can be laid at our door because people know nothing about videogames. We're all cowards though, so we're happy to keep it that way."

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Dr Pepper1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

"Why? Because people interested in games are misfits, that's why. A lot of us will have been bullied or neglected when we were young - a lot of us are gay. There are reasons we retreated into immersive fantasy worlds in the first place, why our favourite hobby is something we can do in our bedrooms, by ourselves. A lot of people into games have had some kind of run in with the outside world. As a result, it feels safer to remain hidden from it."

Or people like video games because they offer a ton of new worlds to explore, stories that you can actually take part in, and a way to be competitive with friends as well as random people around the world.

Saying that a lot of gamers are shut-ins who are socially awkward, had bad experiences in their life, were bullied, etc., really kind of plays into the hand of people who don't understand games to begin with. This is what they already assume without cause or reason, and with this statement, you help them in that assumption.

Of course there are gamers who have had bad experiences in their lives. Has this writer seen the percentage of people in their early adulthood who play video games vs those that don't? When such a high number of people play video games, you are going to get people from all walks of life, including some that hide away from society. That is simply because of the breadth of this entertainment medium's reach. If you were to ask younger gamers how many have been bullied, you would probably get a similar percentage if you just asked young adults in general.

So please stop playing into the stereotypes with comments like that, random article writer.