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Metal Gear Solid V: One Theory About Two Snakes

IGN - Could Kiefer Sutherland and David Hayter be in the game? One fan thinks so, but we're not so sure. (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS4, Xbox One)

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ZBlacktt  +   796d ago
Greatest bosses were in MGS3, then 1, then 4 for me... 2, not so much.

Game without Hayter is just another game because we will just be thinking about that over and over.

But as far as these theories go. More then burnt out on them. Lets just wait and see....
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Booyah  +   796d ago
I'm gonna buy a MGS collection for my PS so I can understand more of the story(Replay it of course). I'm a bit lost in it.
XtraTrstrL  +   796d ago
A few days ago, on the IMDB page for the game, even though Sutherland was listed as the voice of Punished Snake, they also had David Hayter listed as the voice of David. In the first MGS game, Snake's name is David, so he tells Otacon. I see it's been removed now, but here's a pic....

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greatcrusader44  +   796d ago
It would he hilarious if Hayter voiced Solid Snake in Phantom Pain, considering he would only be 12.
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IMDB can be edited like Wikipedia can and David Hayter's name has already been taken off of that page. The only way you would know if hes in the game is if Kojima confirms it himself.
My_Outer_Heaven  +   796d ago
A flash forward scene could certainly portray Solid Snake with an age that would work with Hayters voice.
crxss  +   796d ago
what confuses me is that the Les Enfants Terribles project begins in 1971 (cells taken in 1972), MGSV takes place in 1974 - 1984... Portable Ops takes place in 1974, will we even see the coma that took place in 1972? this game needs to come out already
Luke_fon_Fabre  +   796d ago
PW was in 74. MPO was in 70. There was no coma in 72 that's, from what I've heard, a mistranslation.
crxss  +   796d ago
@Luke_fon_Fabre whoopsies yeah i meant to say PW. do you have the source where it says '72 is a mistranslation??

it seems like the coma that takes places in this game is the perfect setup for the Les Enfants Terribles project but according to MGS wikia it happens after PO and before PW.
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Luke_fon_Fabre  +   787d ago
I don't have a source but I remember someone mentioning to me that the coma in 72 was a mistranslation and all they did is take his DNA to make the clones. I highly doubt Kojima will retcon when the Les Enfants Terribles project took place. It was referenced in PW.
Kanzes  +   796d ago
From FOX (Big Boss), two phantoms were born (Solid Snake and Liquid Snake)

I think Hayter's voice will appear just at the end of credit, confirming Solid Snake returns in Metal Gear 1 remake
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boybato  +   796d ago
has it been confirmed... umm... MG remake that is?
Salooh  +   796d ago
It's not confirmed but he said he's considering it by handing it over to another studio.
Kanzes  +   796d ago
It's just my opinion :) since MGS V takes place a few years before MG1 and MG2
GMoneyChuck  +   796d ago
I really hope they do remake the first two games, although I feel like they would have to squeeze both games together to make it long enough, and then do a next gen version of Metal Gear Solid.
XtraTrstrL  +   796d ago
Wow, if he'd be 12, could it be possible he's that kid in the cage?
Pillsbury1  +   796d ago
Hasn't it been confirmed its Chico?
XtraTrstrL  +   793d ago
Ok, was just wondering.
sly-Famous  +   796d ago
its a pitty, the fact that Sutherland is in the game is just testament to Hideos submission to western style gameplay.
Foxgod  +   796d ago
Its always been a Western styled game, ever since then first one on the MSX.
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sly-Famous  +   796d ago
Foxgod  +   795d ago
Why dont you tell me what is so japanese about a game featuring americans, that plays out originally in Alaska, returns to that site multiple times, is about the cold war, that Japan never was part of.

And on top of that, most of the weapons are american or russian.

Theres no sign of japanese style in this game to be seen, not even the art direction, as all the non asian people in this game actually look and behave non asian.
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Salooh  +   796d ago
Timeline for the people confused :

1900's : - The Philosophers are founded.
1920's : - The Boss is born as daughter of the Philosophers.
1930's : - Last member of the Philosophers dies.

1940's :
1)The Boss establishes the Cobra Unit.
2)Grandfather of Otacon (Hal Emmerich) participates in Manhattan Project.
3)Battle of Stalingrad, The Boss forms Cobra Unit.
1)Cobra Unit participates in allied invasion of Normandy.
1)Father of Otacon (Hal Emmerich) is born.
1)Cobra Unit disbanded.

1)The Boss encounters Naked Snake and trains him in combat, demolition, and intel gathering techniques.
1)Nuclear test takes place in Nevada desert. US Army troops participate. The Boss is exposed to large amounts of radiation.
1)Hydrogen bomb tested on Bikini Atoll. Naked Snake, Godzilla, and the crew of Japanese fishing boat, Daigo Fukuryu Maru, are exposed to radiation.

Then MGS3 events in 1960's --> MGS peace walker 1970's --> MGSV 1980's --> MGS1&2 2000's --> MGS4 2010's

If you want to know the games events:
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theDECAY  +   796d ago
You forgot Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, which are canon.
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Foxgod  +   796d ago
Not only that, they are the foundation of the whole series.
VonBraunschweigg  +   796d ago
Operation Intrude N313 or something, I remember playing the first Metal Gear on MSX. Unfortunately not the original Konami cartridge but a bootleg copy on 3.5" disk, and the savegame on audiocassette. Some may remember, fingers crossed everytime you had to use the elevators;)
Foxgod  +   796d ago
Well, the cardtridge of the first metal gear didnt have a save function at all, you had to play in one sit trough :)

The second one supported saving on a floppy.
VonBraunschweigg  +   796d ago
The timeline above I think is part of the complete timeline from the Metal Gear Database, which can be downloaded from the PSN store.

Download it if you want to read more about the relationsand background of characters, the timeline, pretty much everything, but be warned: after an hour you will get lost and you may very well end up with more questions than answeres.

It's a free download, but quite big.
GMoneyChuck  +   796d ago
Watch gametrailer's metal gear retrospective series. It is really well done and does a fantastic job explaining the entire story. Worth a watch.

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