CoD: Ghosts: We’re trying to make a game for the gen after next-gen, claims Infinity Ward

CoD: Ghosts: We’re trying to make a game for the gen after next-gen, claims Infinity Ward

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allformats1997d ago

Well, in the visuals department its' a step up from current gen, but it certainly doesn't look like "gen after next-gen" work. We shall see,then.

AngelicIceDiamond1997d ago

The game needs to look next gen first.

HammadTheBeast1997d ago

It's funny because "The Last of Us" has comparable graphics, Fish AI (they move AWAY!), AND more than one dog.


Giraffe and Monkey AI.

GG Ghosts.

csreynolds1996d ago

You took the words right out of my mouth.

kayoss1997d ago

Does this mean that we will be seeing the same graphics from infinity wards for the life span of the PS4 and XboxOne? If this is true then they are some lazy ass mofos.

latincooker2141997d ago

yep infinity ward can kick rocks im soooo Done with COD im getting in to battlefield this gen.

tracyllrkn1997d ago

They don't give a damn about improving. As long as they're making money, they good.

Gremlin2561996d ago

They are not lazy mofos.. they are businessmen who gets lots of money by using the same engine through out the series and they call it innovation.. Wait they learnt it from apple..

CerebralAssassin1995d ago


You should have gotten into battlefield this gen. You missed out.

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TacticProductionz1997d ago

The game needs to look like a current gen game first!

Flipgeneral1997d ago

Futureproof: the fish move when you come close to them

Well f**k me

1996d ago
eyeDEVOUR1996d ago

Lol....Cat on Dog warfare...nice

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Wizziokid1997d ago

I'm not impressed enough to even call it next-gen at this point never mind the gen after.

first1NFANTRY1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

i know right!? these guys are either delusional and they really love their work. so far BF4 and KZ:SF absolutely destroy this game from all that we've seen.

Mr_Nuts1997d ago

I like to think because they know how much COD sells that it automatically means it's good...good enough to spew out over exaggerated bullcrap like this

ape0071997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

i dunno about u guys but CoD Gameplay > BF and kz gameplay it's a general consensus among gamers globally

play games not gfx and besides ghosts look pretty darn good not kz or bf good but solid nonetheless

plus the story and soundtrack of ghosts look to be great, i like the settings and atmosphere of the game

KwietStorm1997d ago

C'mon man there's a dog. A controllable dog!

titletownrelo1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Need to draw a picture of the Battlefield soldier and the Killzone Helghast laughing their asses off!!! XD

ape0071997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

nah u won't find that, what u gonna find is Mark Rubin and his dog laughing their asses/ dominating the competition


solidworm1997d ago

Are these tools on fkin drugs or what?

Drakesfortune1997d ago

out all the next gen games that have been shown...cod ghosts has to be the worst looking game out of all them...

Enemy1997d ago

There is nothing next gen about Call of Duty: Ghosts.

latincooker2141997d ago

Enemy you are so right bubble to you. and i dont see what's so next gen about ghost.

ape0071997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

yeah the nextgen gen head models, weapon models, subD are defiantly not next gen right?????

um don't let the general opinion of N4g fool u and give u a false sense of hardcoreness/smartness/nerdnes s

it sell in 20 seconds 100 times as many users on here, so learn to be humble :)

Enemy1997d ago

A diehard COD fan has appeared!

VaporCell1997d ago

Your fanboyism is out of this world seriously...what head models? Weapons models? Wtf are you blind? You can easily point out so many games better looking. And if you call rubber banding and poor hit-box detection good gameplay you are such a blind sheep.

HammadTheBeast1997d ago

90% of players are four year old's, it's pretty pathetic that the only improvement they have to talk about is that gun sights are finally round.

Truly next Gen.

Hicken1996d ago

The problem is: it's the same damn engine from CoD4.

How the hell is that "next gen?"

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TXIDarkAvenger1997d ago

Fish AI

Oh wait that's been done already in Super Mario 64.