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CoD: Ghosts: We’re trying to make a game for the gen after next-gen, claims Infinity Ward

CoD: Ghosts: We’re trying to make a game for the gen after next-gen, claims Infinity Ward (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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allformats  +   832d ago
Well, in the visuals department its' a step up from current gen, but it certainly doesn't look like "gen after next-gen" work. We shall see,then.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   832d ago
The game needs to look next gen first.
HammadTheBeast  +   832d ago
It's funny because "The Last of Us" has comparable graphics, Fish AI (they move AWAY!), AND more than one dog.


Giraffe and Monkey AI.

GG Ghosts.
csreynolds  +   832d ago
You took the words right out of my mouth.
kayoss  +   832d ago
Does this mean that we will be seeing the same graphics from infinity wards for the life span of the PS4 and XboxOne? If this is true then they are some lazy ass mofos.
latincooker214  +   832d ago
yep infinity ward can kick rocks im soooo Done with COD im getting in to battlefield this gen.
tracyllrkn  +   832d ago
They don't give a damn about improving. As long as they're making money, they good.
Gremlin256  +   832d ago
They are not lazy mofos.. they are businessmen who gets lots of money by using the same engine through out the series and they call it innovation.. Wait they learnt it from apple..
CerebralAssassin  +   830d ago

You should have gotten into battlefield this gen. You missed out.
TacticProductionz  +   832d ago
The game needs to look like a current gen game first!
Flipgeneral  +   832d ago
Futureproof: the fish move when you come close to them

Well f**k me
Masterdon   832d ago | Spam
Salooh  +   832d ago
Leaked images

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eyeDEVOUR  +   832d ago
Lol....Cat on Dog warfare...nice
Wizziokid  +   832d ago
I'm not impressed enough to even call it next-gen at this point never mind the gen after.
first1NFANTRY  +   832d ago
i know right!? these guys are either delusional and they really love their work. so far BF4 and KZ:SF absolutely destroy this game from all that we've seen.
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Mr_Nuts  +   832d ago
I like to think because they know how much COD sells that it automatically means it's good...good enough to spew out over exaggerated bullcrap like this
ape007  +   832d ago
i dunno about u guys but CoD Gameplay > BF and kz gameplay it's a general consensus among gamers globally

play games not gfx and besides ghosts look pretty darn good not kz or bf good but solid nonetheless

plus the story and soundtrack of ghosts look to be great, i like the settings and atmosphere of the game
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KwietStorm  +   832d ago
C'mon man there's a dog. A controllable dog!
titletownrelo  +   832d ago
Need to draw a picture of the Battlefield soldier and the Killzone Helghast laughing their asses off!!! XD
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ape007  +   832d ago
nah u won't find that, what u gonna find is Mark Rubin and his dog laughing their asses/ dominating the competition

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solidworm  +   832d ago
Are these tools on fkin drugs or what?
Drakesfortune  +   832d ago
out all the next gen games that have been shown...cod ghosts has to be the worst looking game out of all them...
latincooker214  +   832d ago
well said Drakesfortune.
Enemy  +   832d ago
There is nothing next gen about Call of Duty: Ghosts.
latincooker214  +   832d ago
Enemy you are so right bubble to you. and i dont see what's so next gen about ghost.
ape007  +   832d ago
yeah the nextgen gen head models, weapon models, subD are defiantly not next gen right?????

um don't let the general opinion of N4g fool u and give u a false sense of hardcoreness/smartness/nerdnes s

it sell in 20 seconds 100 times as many users on here, so learn to be humble :)
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Enemy  +   832d ago
A diehard COD fan has appeared!
VaporCell  +   832d ago
Your fanboyism is out of this world seriously...what head models? Weapons models? Wtf are you blind? You can easily point out so many games better looking. And if you call rubber banding and poor hit-box detection good gameplay you are such a blind sheep.
HammadTheBeast  +   832d ago
90% of players are four year old's, it's pretty pathetic that the only improvement they have to talk about is that gun sights are finally round.

Truly next Gen.
Hicken  +   832d ago
The problem is: it's the same damn engine from CoD4.

How the hell is that "next gen?"
TXIDarkAvenger  +   832d ago
Fish AI

Oh wait that's been done already in Super Mario 64.
Lannister  +   832d ago
Barely looks current gen.
AllroundGamer  +   832d ago
PR people... know shit about everything.
Akuma2K  +   832d ago
Wow infinity ward, their minds are really out there like pluto.....they're gone.

So they're basically saying they're gonna have something by the time PS5 or PS6 rolls around, they really need help.
Ray186  +   832d ago
Sure you are.
MilkMan  +   832d ago
Then you are failing. The gen after next-gen will be some Star Trek sh!t. This is barely new-gen (based on what I've seen)
Oh and the dog, of course this elevates it to unimaginable heights.
GreenRanger  +   832d ago
It looks like the Xbox One's name confused Infinity Ward.

They think it's the first Xbox.
Maldread  +   832d ago
Hehe indeed :)
latincooker214  +   832d ago
lol GreenRanger good 1 :)
Maldread  +   832d ago
A lot of PS3 games look better than their next-gen COD.

"Dynamic" fish moving out of the way when you swim towards them and a dog with a cam in his head vs a skyscraper falling crashing to ground in BF4, surrounded in smoke...

Let´s just hope the dog and fish gets out of the way - levelution indeed.
ape007  +   832d ago
" A lot of PS3 games look better than their next-gen COD"

looks like joel's daughter sold u some of that "Hardcore Drugs"
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Maldread  +   832d ago
Not really, but i wouldn`t mind the stuff you`re using monkeyboy ;)
HammadTheBeast  +   832d ago
She's not his daughter. Gtfo.

And actually, The Last of Us is more next Gen than Ghosts.
ZodTheRipper  +   832d ago
^He refers to the prologue where Joels real daughter is saying she sold drugs to buy the watch. But after reading his comments it seems like he's the one on drugs ...CoD is dead for a few years now, just accept it.
SniperControl  +   832d ago
Just great, i can foresee Call of Duty 31: Dog of War.
HexxedAvenger  +   832d ago
just another COD...
LeCreuset  +   832d ago
"We’re trying to make a game for the gen after next-gen"

... so we had a couple of interns throw together Call of Duty: Ghosts in the meantime.
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eyeDEVOUR  +   832d ago
Kayant  +   832d ago
In Visuals - No
In Gameplay - No

So it's basically not even next-gen yet let alone a whole generation ahead of the competition. In reality you guys are just catching up to everyone else. In fact they're probably some generations behind.

The drugs these guys smoke must be some incredible SHIT!!
thecurseddevil  +   832d ago
internet is rather divided:

=>its cool to say that you care about gameplay and dont give a shit about graphics.

=>its also cool to hate cod,no matter what its devs do,
they put new gameplay elements over graphics.but what the hell right?internet will hate cod anyway and it would still sell 30 million copies.
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latincooker214  +   832d ago
Damn what's sad curseddevil is you right Ghost well sell no matter what we say.
NarooN  +   832d ago
What new gameplay elements? What have they added since CoD4 besides new killstreaks (i.e. the same killstreaks, just re-named and given new looks) and new perks? They haven't revolutionized FPS at all. It's the same game, and they don't even bother to fix the main issues at all (terrible netcode, spotty hit-detection, dumb match-making, etc.)

Stuff like that is why the devs keep getting bashed.
tigertron  +   832d ago
They added a frickin dog! a frickin dog!

That's a game changer my friend.
Salooh  +   832d ago
I have to admit though , if they make this stunt i would admit the after next-gen thing.

Put cats in the hand of the enemy and let them controle their brains.

Note : The words written is a real story and written by a famous writer that awarded of noble price..

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RickHiggity  +   832d ago
Only there aren't many new gameplay elements either.
mkotechno  +   832d ago
But, but, you can jump little walls and BOOM!
ziggurcat  +   832d ago
don't forget the fish AI...
XtraTrstrL  +   832d ago
I think part of the reason they never make a new engine is they lost the guys that originally made the MW engine, and they are too scared that they won't be able to recreate that unique COD feel. So, they just do these little crappy add-ons to the engine, like the new fish-swim-out-the-way AI.

They have some nerve to say some crap about making the game for the gen after the next. They've always been a half-gen behind whatever the current gen is, graphically atleast.
ape007  +   832d ago
same with BF, BF4 plays the exact same as BF3, same engine just like ghosts but heavily upgraded

BF3 is a downgrade from BC2 imo, im glad CoD is not downgraded like it

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XtraTrstrL  +   829d ago
BF4 is going back to BC2 style destruction, with upgrades. They didn't mean for BF3 to be a downgrade, they just felt that everything being totally destructible might not have been a good idea.

On the engines though, Frostbite is clearly an engine that gets much more tremendous upgrading done to it constantly. The COD engine has looked the same forever, the graphics are better now, but that doesn't call for a new engine, that's just upping the poly count and fx from the new ability of the new hardware. COD clearly does the most minimal improvements to their engine compared to other popular IPs that come out yearly or bi-yearly. Ghosts visually looks trapped between current gen and next gen, it's not quite on par with next gen game graphics.
threefootwang  +   832d ago
Kind of hard to take their word for granted when they've been using and still currently are an engine made back in 1996.
NarooN  +   832d ago
This is just their way of saying "lol we know we're lazy as hell and won't impress anyone, so plz look forward to our gamez 8 years 4rom nao kk thx bai"
RedDeadLB  +   832d ago
It doesn't even look "this-next-gen", let alone the-next-gen-after.
franko  +   832d ago
Yea, keep on trying IW,maybe you'll do it. In about 300 years or so.
jjb1981  +   832d ago
They should start with dedicated servers
reko  +   832d ago
"next gen" your a**
project_pat36  +   832d ago
dogs and fish will definitely still be in existence the gen after this gen im sure.. .so they are somewhat going the right direction I fear..
cloak365  +   832d ago
I have looked at this game and to me this is what mw3 and blops2 should have looked like on ps3 and 360. But they have not put any effort in making cod look better on current consoles. And as popular as cod is i must say it seems to me like there is very little hype compared to years past.
Gamer-Z  +   832d ago
Fish AI, dogs, rounded sites, yup COD devs have officially ran out of ideas.
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RickHiggity  +   832d ago
Nope. Sorry. Battlfield 3 is 60fps, with huge maps and destructible enviroments.
Victorvondoom8  +   832d ago
The gen after the Ps4 / Xbox one will be CGI graphics wise.....But Ps4 might be the first to achieve this.
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