Unboxing the Ouya (Retail Model)

IGN - This week, the Android-based games console is launching at retailers nationwide. Here's what to expect for your $99 investment.

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wastedcells1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

One of the worst system launch line ups ever. We need games.

Dlacy13g1996d ago

While Ouya seems like a neat idea I think ultimately there isn't a "need" for this box in the market. Anything you can get on it you can pretty much play on your current PC, Tablet or Smart Phone. Sure it puts those games on a TV screen but I don't think that is enough of a sell.

Fireseed1996d ago

I'm actually pretty excited about this little guy! Sure it plays mostly phone games but you're gonna start seeing games that indies want to get out there on a console but not deal with all the BS. I've got a small Unity powered game I'm working on ATM and I know I'll be putting it on Ouya.

givemeshelter1995d ago

You can see where these type of console systems are going. It's a good start.