Ten years Gran Turismo

Article on the 10 years of Gran Turismo.

-Translated from Dutch-

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wibble3733d ago

Here's a great place to moan. I just spent £27 on Gran Turisom 4 from Amazon because I didn't want to spend ages downloading the game from PSN. It arrived today and I'm told I have to install the thing which turns out took a stupid amount of time. Is it just me or Blu-Ray the slowest optical drive on the planet?. Anyway, I finally install the freaking thing and I'm told there's an update available which then took another 20 minutes to install.

Or in other words - FFS!

danarc3733d ago


I didn't know how to do the title, as when it translated it came out as "Ten Years Gran Turismo," and N4G says to keep the original title.

Varsarus3733d ago

Happy 10th birthday to the best racing game EVER!

Twilight_163729d ago

Where can you find a Grand Turismo 2? I'm having a hard time finding it!