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I Ain't Mad about the Xbox One, Bro

Cheapy D writes: Sorry guys, I ain’t mad about the Xbox One and I ain’t mad at Microsoft. Do I think Microsoft has screwed up plenty? Sure, however, I ain't mad. As someone who was rejected from two of America’s top business schools, I feel like I am in the perfect position to explain how everything went down. (Industry, Microsoft, Xbox One)

allformats  +   432d ago
Good for you, bro. Good for you, but I ain't buying that.
MikeMyers  +   432d ago
Good for you, bro. Good for you.
Heisenburger  +   431d ago
Bro.... good for you.
2cents  +   431d ago
Maybe you should change your name from allformats to someformats, as your name is misleading based on your comments across the forum.

This is one of the only Xbox one articles that isn’t speaking through Sony tinted glasses. Straight and to the point.

Can anyone who isn’t a fanboy agree with me, that this site is harbouring some seriously mentally deficient members, I was recently abused for expressing my opinion on a ridiculously one sided opinion piece about how wonderful Sony is and that they could never do wrong, but MS is the devil. People can’t blindly support one corporation and then point fingers at another; it doesn’t do much for ones perceived intellect or integrity.

Just to get one thing straight... I am buying a PS4 on launch, it is a gamer’s dream console and I want one NOW!
I am also getting an Xbox one on launch, because I am a tech head and I love new toys and gadgets. Who is anyone to tell me what I should and shouldn’t like, who has the right to take away my freedom of choice when it comes to wanting to be excited about MS's new offering. It's clearly not for everyone and those who are not keen on the direction MS are taking, be upset yes, but don’t piss on everyone else’s parade just because you’re nervous uncle Sam is going to be watching you masturbate via Kinect.

There are so many childish, one-sided comments on this site that makes for some disturbing reading. There is way too much hate, bullying and hostility towards anyone who (dare I say it...) likes the Xbox one. This is not how an open forum should operate. I’m very disappointed with the total lack of any type of tolerance on N4G, and as I’ve been told by a moron on this site before, I will not stop posting or looking at articles on this site as I am a 3D Generalist by profession and it’s my work and desire to know what is going on in the industry.

Does every article that has something nice or interesting to say about the Xbox have to be totally annihilated by the Sony masses, what have you guys got to worry about, we all know and agree how impressive the PS4 is, there is no doubt, so just chill... bro's. The few xbots on this site who are still bravely trying to defend the console unfortunately have not taken the high ground and are slinging sh*t back at the Sony camp which is not helping the situation, but unfortunately they don’t have the patience to think before they speak either.

Bottom line, stop the unnecessary hate and attacks on the few people who are expressing excitement or interest for the Xbox one, they have the same right as everyone else to be happy about the new offerings from MS.
SonyKong64   431d ago | Offensive
2cents  +   431d ago
Sonykong your comment is disgusting.
Don't make assumptions about me, and don't you dare try to associate me with child porn. I have a 9monfh old daughter and I find your comment completely inappropriate.

Keep things in perspective here, we're discussing the games industry, not your morbid twisted analogies. Maybe you need to get out more and expel your negative energy some other way rather than making personal attacks on people you have never met nor know.

What I can gather from your comment is that I could never have a meaningful conversation or debate with you. Why do you feel the need to stoop so low?

Your good a regurgitating big words but you have no concept of how to communicate in a decent manner. You make me sick, your attitude makes me sick, your an angry, uneducated moron for the things you said but I hope one day you will grow up and actually have some understanding about the ways of the world.
SonyKong64   431d ago | Offensive
Donnieboi  +   432d ago
Xbox One and the word "Bro" in the same sentence,

I had to chuckle...
Chupa-Chupa  +   432d ago
Very good read!
Dlacy13g  +   432d ago
He makes some great points that will get lost on most of the readers of N4G.
onyoursistersback  +   432d ago
ya, but his mistake is that title.....
aviator189  +   432d ago
As much as ms screwed up their messaging along with their pr blunders, this entry is a great read and a fair, objective outlook on the matter.
DoubleJumpAUS  +   432d ago
I remain bemused by the amount of importance both Sony and Microsoft assign to PR. Do these guys truly not understand that messaging is so completely irrelevant to gamers, if you are putting out a good product? Gamers are, perhaps more than any other consumer psychographic, people who are inherently inclined to try something for themselves instead of listening to someone else's bullshit, console fanboyism notwithstanding.
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Unicron  +   432d ago
I disagree. Pre-release, look how many people are hooked on buzz terms like "power of the cloud?" That's all PR man.

The majority of consumers don't know what they want until they are told what they want sadly.
Hicken  +   431d ago
Sounds like you have it all wrong.

Gamers- like any other enthusiasts- ARE prone to trying things themselves. But that's exactly why PR matters. If what gamers experience doesn't wind up being the same as what the PR states, heads can and will roll.

Nobody likes being lied to.
KillrateOmega  +   432d ago
Well-written and objective article :)

However, I still don't see a reason to buy the Xbox One over the PS4. Especially, now that most of the features that MIGHT have made the Xbox One special in the future have been taken away. At the moment, the Xbox One is simply the less powerful and more expensive console.
marchinggamer  +   432d ago
Crossss game chatttt and the more powerful is bullshit
djplonker  +   432d ago
ps4 has cross game chat and IS more powerful

xbox one: 8gb ram (3gb for operating system) so 5gb for games

ps4: 8gb ram (1gb for operating system) so 7gb for games.

and that is without the processing power the kinect and dortios/mountin dew will use.
KillrateOmega  +   432d ago
"Crossss game chatttt and the more powerful is bullshit"
Except it's not.
Eddie20101  +   432d ago
Actually there is nothing that keeps either system from doing the things Microsoft mentioned, didn't need the DRM crap to do them anyway. It's all software and servers anyway.
KillrateOmega  +   432d ago
True enough. My bad, man.
Mounce  +   432d ago
I ain't your bro, guy
McScroggz  +   432d ago
I ain't your guy, dude.
Hicken  +   431d ago
I ain't your dude, man.
UNGR  +   432d ago
Good article, one of the better reads in the past few weeks.
JohnDoeUpInHere   432d ago | Spam
covkidcookie  +   432d ago
Everyone had a hissy fit about always online and pre owned games. always online is practically a feature for everything in this day and age so people cry because one console had always online and one didnt. pre owned games. PS4 & xbox one practically had the same polices before Microsoft changed them. the only thing to have come out of all the moaning is consumer power and now i cant exploit microsofts family sharing games thingy cus loads of fucking assholes cried.
MikeyDucati1  +   432d ago
"The problem is choice" -Neo
abcde12345  +   432d ago
This guy lives in Japan and is a Xbot. Mind = blown.
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MikeyDucati1  +   432d ago
Very good article that looked at the situation objectively.

Some quotables that I thought was very interesting to bring up. This one is most important...

"When it became clear the Xbox One would have certain restrictions, going completely unrestricted on used games had to be the right move for Sony. Do you think Sony went this route because they love their customers more than Microsoft, or because they believed this differentiation could help them sell more PS4s? If you believe the former, you’ve learned nothing; go get rejected from multiple business schools."

^This is so true and many do believe the former than the latter. As if these corporations get into the business for solely the love it. That's foolish to think such things.

"I’ve seen many people irrationally accuse Microsoft of trying to obliterate gamer's rights and destroy gaming, for basically emulating what Steam, a beloved PC download service, is already doing."

"In a free marketplace, there are no anti-consumer products, only products that succeed, and products that fail. Microsoft made changes in their policies because they feared not doing so would cause the Xbox One to fail. Looking at all this stuff any other way is just a distraction until late November."

Nice points...
iceman06  +   431d ago
It was a good look at some good and objective points. However, I can't agree with every statement that you highlighted. Most people aren't blind enough to think that Sony is in love with them. But, there is a bit more respect that was paid to gamers by providing choice and NOT screaming that I, the business, am right not to provide you with choice. It was arrogance personified. Steam is not the same simply because Steam is a service, while the Xbox is a console. One is offered by subscription. The other is inherent in the console design. There would have been MANY consumers that would have had NO IDEA about the "restrictions" that just popped up on a console, assuming it would be the same as Xbox and Xbox 360. As for the free marketplace comment. Xbox One was not necessarily "anti-consumer" per se, but it didn't provide enough incentives to consumers vs. what they would be giving up. The free market wouldn't exist within the closed environment that MS was trying to establish with it's used games. Businesses are about money and there was just too much money in used games that wasn't in their hands. It's not evil...it's just business.
yankolo  +   432d ago
Already preorder bro...
killerips   432d ago | Spam
mananimal  +   432d ago
In my opinion, MS never really had any intentions of such Draconian DRM, its was simply a distraction from the PRISM like Kinect 2 with its REAL Privacy concerns....the Media & every game journalist bombarded consumers with the Issue of Xbox One DRM, after a reversal by MS, now its a Victory for gamers. But no game journalist or media types are even bringing up the issue anymore, or the consumer concern about Kinect 2.0, complete silence is all...

All has become quite on this issue, because it was always the REAL GOAL of MS, not the DRM, that was the "Distraction", the attention grabber....MS took 3steps forwards, 2steps backward, yet remains 1step ahead with the inclusion of Kinect 2.0 as mandatory, and its ability to always be on in some state, having infer-red(being able to see in the dark), able to read your heart rate, able to read & know your emotional state ..? wtf?!,

Yet I hear only the sound of crickets from the Press & Journalist on this serious matter.
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Belking  +   432d ago
Stop all that blabbing about kinect and privacy. MS or none else cares what you do in your home. If they wanted to spy on you they don't need kinect to do that. They can use what you use to type your message...lol
Tctczach  +   432d ago
Lol. Anyone who believes Microsoft will be using the kinect as a device to listen in on their daily life is insane. there is no way they are going to filter through billions of hours of footage and audio unless they have key words like "kill". But think about that when most of the Microsoft exclusives are shooters or have a variation of death. Makes perfect sense.

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