Will custom firmware destroy the PSP?

PSP gamers seem to constantly talk about custom firmware and the benefits of having it on the console. You'll find hundreds of forums and websites containing guides, tips, tools, and downloads on CFW all over the web.

Here are some of the main features provided by CFW:

1. You can watch movies from all regions.
2. Run emulators for old console platforms such as NES, SNES, Genesis, Atari, etc.
3. PSP games can play directly from the memory stick.
4. Custom XMB themes can be installed.
5. Full support for third party homebrew applications.

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xaphanze3708d ago

I have the latest firmware on my psp and I love it.

The Killer3708d ago

many people in the world is buying it!!
and in 1-2 years the price will be around 100$ which is very cheap and mass market for a handled gaming console!!

Harry1903708d ago

someone who's got custom firmware on his psp.

decapitator3708d ago

Actually, it's helped PSP a LOT. In other terms, you could say CF unlocked the full potential of the PSP.

Captain Tuttle3708d ago

If Sony makes more money on the hardware than the software it'll help. If they lose money on the hardware (which I doubt, it's been out awhile)and rely on software for revenue it'll hurt.

captainpwn3708d ago

Anytime someone in my school gets a PSP, everybody asks him if he/she has hacked it yet. Most likely its a yes, but if not, they get it done within a week. Doesn't it occur to anybody that Sony is the only one signing studios to make great games for the PSP now? When it launched, 3rd party's were rushing to create great content for it, but It's pretty much only Sony hiring 1st parties and some 3rd party's to create content so they can move hardware. Software wise, PSP is dead. Why on earth would someone go to the store, pay $40 on a UMD, come home and then play it, when it takes a few minutes to download and transfer. And let's be honest, Sony's efforts to stop hacking recently has been abysmal at best.

If Sony wanted to get serious they'd

1) Decrease the price of PSP UMD games IMMEDIATELY to atleast $30

2) Offer PSP games for download on the PC Store. Not just 2 year old games, but the newest games. Also bump up the memory stick storage capacities and lower the prices on those as well.


insomnium3708d ago

Because it's the right thing to do perhaps?

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The story is too old to be commented.