Why's Mirror's Edge 2 is Great for gaming [TDD]

Phill from tells you why Mirror's Edge may be one of the greatest thing to happen to gaming in a while.

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patsrule3161970d ago

I worry about the new Mirror's Edge. From what I hear, the woman who wrote the story isn't part of the project. Bioshock was a brilliant game, but Bioshock 2 didn't have Ken Levine anymore. Mechanically it was fine, but it lacked the soul of the original, and just kind of copied the layout and style of the first game. Ken Levine was back for Bioshock Infinite, and the series picked back up again. Yes, Mirror's Edge was fun to Parkour around and had good melee combat (the shooting mechanics not so much), but what made it special wasn't the Parkour, it was the creativity of the world, it was the spirit, it was the artistic vision. We'll have to see if Mirror's Edge turns out to be more Bioshock 2 or more Portal 2.

febreeze11970d ago

Mirror's edge had a good story? I only enjoyed the gameplay and artistic environments.... Plus it's a reboot.

WolfOfDarkness1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I never though there was a fans for that game .

Looks amazing . MnIal4

AusWarrior1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I think the game was more of a sleeper hit and gained a bit of a cult following in the months and years following its release. The actual idea of a first person parkour game is incredibly appealing to a lot of people; I'm sure the IP can become a success if they nail the gameplay elements this time round. I enjoyed the first game but felt like there was so much more they could've done with it.

Mustang300C20121970d ago

My understanding it isn't Mirrors Edge 2 but a reimagined version.

GrathiusXR1970d ago

When did Mirrors Edge 2 get announced? What did I miss?