Warning: Valve Did Not Launch An ARG For Half Life 3

DSOGaming writes: "The entire Internet was blown away yesterday when a mysterious update for Half Life 2 got out. That update messed up the game, turning all voices into Korean. Naturally, a lot of people thought that Valve has launched an ARG for Half Life 3, especially after a - possible - hint that was featured in the PC Gamer magazine, something that was strengthened by the latest tweet from Valve itself. Well, unfortunately everyone, there is no ARG. Valve's Korean message did not contain any secret messages after all, PC Gamer admitted that its image was nothing more than a joke and Valve's Marc Laidlaw confirmed that the update was something that Valve has been doing this for a while as a necessary housekeeping."

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Iltapalanyymi1998d ago

oh shit just when we get something about hl3?? im tired of waiting.

john21998d ago

my guess is that HL3 won't simply announced. By now, it's too big of a risk even for Valve.

MooseyXTC1998d ago

Who cares about rampant speculatory nonsense when PC Gamer provided very real evidence that we'll have HL3 news on July 4th?

Rooted_Dust1998d ago

That was just a joke by a PC Gamer artist.

CRAIG6671998d ago

Half life 3 HAS to be the most EPIC thing EVER or it's gonna be a HUGE BOMB, the amount of anticipation and hype they have to live up to is enormous.

I actually got tired of waiting for news on it long ago and find it somewhat insulting to all half life fans how long we have been waiting for the rest of the story to be told...

NYC_Gamer1998d ago

HL3 won't ever be announced

fossilfern1998d ago

It has gotten to the point were I am losing interest in HL3. Too much cock teasing with no solid news.

Perjoss1998d ago

what teasing? Valve never comment on Half Life 2 ep3 or Half Life 3. Gabe always refuses to talk about it, so what teasing are you talking about?

fossilfern1998d ago

teasing from other parts of the media, not saying its valves fault.

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