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Smash Bros 3DS necessary to evolve the series


Masahiro Sakurai has said the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros was the starting point for the new games in the series. According to Sakurai, creating a handheld version of Nintendo's brawler will evolve the series as simply adding more content wouldn't be enough to differentiate it from Brawl and Melee. (3DS, Super Smash Bros., Wii U)

Xof  +   585d ago
3D is a visual gimmick, it has no relevance to gameplay mechanics. So I call BS on this statement, unless it's about re-working the camera on Brawler-style games to focus more on individual player characters rather than the whole group.
PopRocks359  +   585d ago
I think it's more about making Smash Bros. on-the-go as well as on a console. And because the 3DS specs can handle a game like it, unlike previous Nintendo hardware.
STK026  +   585d ago
Did you even bother to read the article before commenting? The article makes no mention of 3D, so I'm unsure as to why you decided to bring it up and use it as an argument against Masahiro Sakurai's statement.
bullymangLer  +   585d ago
go buy a 3DS with the game Super Mario 3D Land and then come back and re-read your comment (:
3-4-5  +   585d ago
This game isn't about the 3D.

It's about the cel shading. Also having a handheld version allows them to maybe experiment.

If they experiement on Wii U version and it fails, we aren't getting another SSB game for 5+ years.

If they experiement on 3DS version and it doesn't work out so hot....they still have the MAIN Wii U version.

How don't you comprehend this? Can't you think past right now?
Xof  +   584d ago
3D is a visual effect.
Cel-shading is a visual effect.

Neither of these effects have any real impact on any game systems, and therefore are irrelevant in terms of innovation.

And it seems a bit silly to think of WiiU/3DS multiplatform title in terms of the 3DS being the "test" version and the WiiU version being the "real" version, simply because developers don't work that way, and also because the 3DS is a far more dominant platform than the WiiU at the moment.
o-Sunny-o  +   585d ago
Most people will disable the 3D so its not going to innovate the game. It's a great game without the 3D.
MilkMan  +   585d ago
Shows Nintendo thought process and I have to agree a bigger roster and more arenas is not what ALL you want. We can easily play Brawl and keep it moving.
I like that they want to innovate and look further. Otherwise whats the point?

This is yet another reason that Nintendo's name just simply = quality.
SegaSaturn669  +   585d ago
So in my mind:

WiiU: better visuals, better online, better control options(?)

3DS: no load times, portable, 3D,

I feel like I'm missing something here, it's hard to choose.
kirbyu  +   584d ago

Wii U: More confirmed characters at the moment, easier local multiplayer

3DS: Cheaper

It IS hard to choose. Luckily I'm getting both.
DivineAssault  +   585d ago
will the 3ds version be 60FPS? It looked to be 30 in the trailers
GraveLord  +   585d ago
Translation: Wii U version will flop so we need the money.
PygmelionHunter  +   585d ago
I lol at the fact that you even considered the possibility of Smash Bros flopping.

I don't see what's so bad about a 3DS version, we already know that they chose a fairly different art style for each version and even the stages are different, so the 3DS version shouldn't hold back the Wii U version.
live2play  +   585d ago
You're confusing it with PoS allstars.. I know they look similar but smash bros is way better
BXbomber  +   585d ago
does the 3ds version have online play?
BosSSyndrome  +   585d ago
I don't think it's been confirmed either way but I don't see why not. MK7, Luigi's Mansion, and others had online.
kirbyu  +   585d ago
I plan to get both the 3DS and Wii U versions, but I only want to pre-order one of them. Which one should it be?
t3gamenews  +   585d ago
i like smash bros in all & this one looks cool.
but if they wanted to evolve the series why not take a page from capcom? allow cross platform multiplayer local & online?
monster hunter ultimate dows it with wii u & 3ds. also dlc would be cool. also why is it that i have the feeling the newer the game the less characters it will have?

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