Tearaway: unwrapping Media Molecule’s crafty new Vita adventure | EDGE

EDGE: "Seeing it fully formed on Vita’s crisp little screen, Tearaway’s papercraft theme seems inevitable. It taps into Media Molecule’s fascination with making games based on the material world, invoking elements of arts and crafts while adding all manner of playful touches. It’s an aesthetic that’s bound together by illustrator and creative lead Rex Crowle’s distinctive and charmingly lopsided doodle art style. The result is coherent and enveloping, despite being as varied in its inspirations as you’d expect from the studio behind LittleBigPlanet. There are cogs and gears and propellers, of course, but there are also nods to the wilds of America in the form of wendigos, teepees and stuffed deer. In other words, it’s the kind of apparently effortless concept that in reality must be the result of weeks of deliberate iteration, random inspiration and headaches."

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o-Sunny-o1995d ago

I can't wait to unwrap my game and Tearaway at the game! ^~^

xxPillsxx1995d ago

Hell yeah Tearaway! Make them all jealous cause they don't have a Vita! :D
Just saying, having this as exclusive is awesome :>