Dreamfall Chapters: "We are preparing to go to consoles"

EuroGamer: "The chances of attractive Kickstarted 3D adventure game Dreamfall Chapters landing on PS4 and Xbox One (one or both) are 'extremely good', lead developer Ragnar Tornquist has said - even Wii U is on the table."

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TeaRunner1633d ago

At last! Truly amazing to see these kisckstarter projects coming to life. Fan favorites and lost gems from long ago.

Also, glad to see FunCom returning to their adventure game Dreamfall, instead of all the MMOs they been doing lately.

JsonHenry1633d ago

I am pretty excited about this game as well.

bakagaijin781633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

@TeaRunner, Apparently Funcom handed over the rights for the 3rd game to the writer and his new game studio. Its actually being developed by Red Thread Games and not Funcom.

But I'm quite excited about it as well. I hope it comes to PS3 or PS4.

-Gespenst-1633d ago

Sweet. I was worried I mightn't get to play this since my laptop's pretty outdated at this point. Fingers crossed for Ps4.

SquareEnixFan1633d ago

Great news. I'll be there the moment this comes out on a console.