The Last of Us: Joel and Ellie’s world, that’s just an average day in the UK

The Gamers Drop is fresh on our first play through of Naughty Dog’s quite brilliant The last of us, a game that really has pushed the current generation of gaming to its very limits of graphical quality, character animation and storytelling. Your have to admit, a 10 out of 10 from over 30 critic reviews and a 95 overall on Metacritic forces you to be desperate to be part of this game.

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o-Sunny-o1823d ago

A normal day in UK? So it had marital law happen and have infection over the place?

That's freaking awesome! ^~^

d0nni31823d ago

Haha i'm from very close to where the author is from and i can't say i disagree.

"It's grim up north"

ANIALATOR1361823d ago

yep. North East for me. Proper sh*t hole

Kingthrash3601823d ago

what!!!??!!! I was going on vacation next week......I was thinking it might be like Remember Me ...but they have clickers!!?? I cant WAIT to go! clickers + instegram = awsomeness....I just need to remember to pack alot of broken scissors and tape!