GTA V Set To Break UK Sales Record With 3 Million Copies Ordered For Release Day

Retail bosses preparing for hectic sales spree
Rockstar is preparing an extraordinary GTA 5 release day in the UK with a record-breaking number of copies set aside for launch, CVG has learned.

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Cam9771937d ago

This is just... incredible. How else can I put it? I'm ridiculously hyped up for this game, let's hope it doesn't disappoint. Personally, I adored IV so if it's a mix between IV and the "classic" GTA games then I'm in for a treat! I'm a fan of both the new and old generation GTA games (SD & HD). I'm looking forward to seeing Los Santos in HD, it shone in the original San Andreas.

Speaking of San Andreas, I just need to collect a few collectibles then I'll have 100% completion. I just need to clear up my backlog, play The Last of Us so I can return to San Andreas for one last time before V.

dark-hollow1937d ago

If they could mix GTA extreme attention to details and realism with San Andreas fun factor then we are in for a treat!

GTA IV wasn't bad at all, it was just "different"

MizTv1937d ago

Well I wasn't a fan of 4 at all.
I got it day 1 and I still have not beat it
I can't force myself to finish it
But I will get 5 and I have high hopes that it will be good!
Oh and ViceCity was my favorite gta game

FunAndGun1937d ago

Yeah, I couldn't get into GTA4 either. Bought it on release day but don't even think I got 25% completed.

bub161937d ago

just b carefull. everyone was super hyped for gta iv and loadsssssssss of us got let down. still a good game. but hyper can sometimes get out of control

tigertron1937d ago

I'm holding out for a possible PS4 version, that's why I haven't pre-ordered.

Either way, that's some good numbers.

TechnicianTed1937d ago

I don't think I'd have the patience to wait that long.

NihonjinChick1937d ago

And if it doesn't come out for PS4?

tigertron1937d ago

I'll give it until early next year, if I've still heard nothing I'll go for the PS3 version.

seepamann1937d ago

Gta 5 will be best selling game of the generation

Prcko1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

and second best game of this gen and this year; ofc last of us is 1st

TechnicianTed1937d ago

Because you've played GTA5?

blackberty1937d ago

I havent even pre ordered yet. Might just get it on the day

SIRHC131937d ago

Pretty nice numbers right there. Hype levels are currently astronomical. It'll be refreshing to has a new juggernaut this year outside of Call of Duty.

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