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TSA: "DriveClub doesn’t have it easy. It’s not the only racer to launch on Sony’s new PlayStation 4 later this year, and it faces competition from within: Polyphony’s Gran Turismo 6, which will release on an existing platform around about the same time, no doubt with considerable marketing."

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insertnamehurr1998d ago

Some of the ppl who played it at E3 said it looked beautiful. We´ve only seen one track and it already made me want to play it so bad, now imagine, the other 53 tracks! Real world tracks!

SniperControl1998d ago

Yeah this looks really good, gonna get the PSN version to see what it's like.

Is it gonna have some sort of SP mode as well?

guitarded771997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Yes it will have SP in the free version. I'm waiting too. I think most day one PS4 people are holding off since it is the first PS+/PS4 title. I'm curious to see what the free version will include in way of vehicles, but it has been confirmed that all game types and social features will be included in the PS+ version. I don't have a source link at the moment, but I distinctly remember reading it.

SniperControl1997d ago


Cool on the SP side of it.
Although i have been gaming for donkeys years, i have never really been into the MP side of things. However, i hope to fully embrace MP next gen.

Don't wanna boot up Drive Club and find i cant play it because i am billy no mates. lol.

Blankolf1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

It looks quite real both Driveclub and Forza, a studio like Evolution Studios, I was not so sure they could keep up with Forza, but apparently they can, one of the vast list of great games and a must buy for my PS4.

InsaneGam3r1997d ago

Arcade-ish physics.
not realistic

SniperControl1997d ago

It's not supposed to be a simulation on par with Gran Turismo or Forza.

WarThunder1997d ago

Forza is not a simulator, its Arcade like DriveClub and it will compete with DriveClub.

josephayal1997d ago

DriveClub sets a new bar for racing games

KwietStorm1997d ago

Lol you sound like the headline of a preview. What are your basing this on?

punisher991997d ago

This game is gonna be the game that finally gets the correct engine noise right for each car. I've been waiting for that for a long time now and I cant wait. :)

latincooker2141997d ago

DriveClub may not be the only racer on ps4 coming out this year. but its the only racer i'm getting this year ON PS4.....BUUUUUT im getting GT6 on PS3 see what i did there. :)

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