Dragon Age: Inquisition - New In-Engine Screenshots Revealed

DSOGaming writes: "BioWare has revealed some new in-engine screenshots for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Dragon Age: Inquisition will be powered by Frostbite 3 and promises to be bigger and better than its predecessor."

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Ashunderfire861994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Look just as good as the Witcher 3 screenshots. Can't wait to play these games next year. I already have a list of must buy games for 2014-2015. Here my list.

Witcher 3
Dragon Age:Inquisition
Evil Within
Infamous Second Son
(Getting all on PS4)

Halo 5 bundled with Xbox One(2014).

I pretty sure this list would grow just like my DVD and music collection lol!!!

cunnilumpkin1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

not even close to the witcher 2 in visual fidelity, the witcher 3 is going to smash this

witcher 2

dragon age inq

not even in the same generation of quality with the witcher 2, its more in line with the witcher 1

I am willing to give bioware one more chance though, to see if they have been completely devoured by ea

ScubbaSteve1994d ago

Dragon Age has never been known for its graphical quality. But, Witcher 2 was largely regarded as one of the best looking PC games for a period of time. That said graphics has never been the selling point of a Bioware game and if they fix everything that was wrong with DA2 then this one might be worth a look.

I'll be waiting to hear if it reuses dungeons, has equipment management for all party members, and if the narrative is exceedingly polarized with mage/templar decisions.

TedCruzsTaint1994d ago

Dragon Age certainly looks good, but, yeah . . . it's certainly no Witcher 2, in terms of graphics.
Still looking forward to it. I was actually part of the minority that actually really enjoyed Dragon Age 2, but I am certainly looking for something closer to the original. That, and the changes they are making to the formula, has me excited to see more.

Eldyraen1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

I can see your point as played both Witchers on PC as well as following the new W3 and DA3.

There is a clear difference from what we have seen so far but the DA3 screens have also revealed very little so far so hard to judge what it could look like in truth. They have basically masked most details with lighting (shadows actually as well as camera positioning). Its true though a direct comparison from W2/3 shots (which are more numerous) to DA definitely favors Witcher games thus far.

In part (besides composition which are still nice but not as epic in scale/action) you also have to take into consideration of style. W3 clearly is still built upon the same foundation as every Witcher game that came before it (rather contrast/bloom heavy that comes across quite "sharp" at times). From these shots DA3 actually looks more similar to a Dungeon Siege 3.5-4 visually than either DA (which isn't bad, on PC it at least looked better than both even if game itself wasn't as fun to play as Origins).

It still shows off enough to warrant me being excited although hopefully they are still waiting to show more detail (which is what Witcher bleeds--the draw distance even is incredible on it... granted could be it likely being built to support powerful pcs and not have to be modded and later patched to use more than 2gb of ram... unlike Bethesda of course).

Just saying what we have seen is actually very nice its just the shots hopefully are only the tip of the iceberg as W3 (and "parts" of W2) do technically look more impressive thus far. We need some better shots though as nothing truly spectacular has been shown. W3 sort of nailed it showing off a lot of different high quality vistas, creatures, etc but think its likely closer to completion too.

I'm hoping the game plays more like Origins though as screenshot perspectives are more remeniscent to 2's. That could easily be from camera manipulation though.

Ashunderfire861994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

I don't know but I think you need glasses and have your head examine, because Dragon Age Inquisition's screens looks miles better than that Witcher 2 photo. Look at the great amount of detail on that monster's back from the second link you posted. Look at all 4 pictures full screen! And tell me that don't look better than Witcher 2? You are out of your mind. Just wait until you get blown away by the graphics when the game finally releases. Heck this is probably the alpha build, and not even beta or gold(Milestone Game Complete).

Truehellfire1994d ago

Those screenshots are from the trailer they released. We can't really judge from that. We have no idea yet how detailed the game will actually look when being played.

Ashunderfire861993d ago

The trailer is what the game actual looks like. They confirmed it in the trailer. Check out this video breakdown of Dragon Age.

pandehz1994d ago

My profile pic clearly says I love witcher but to be honest Frostbite on Inquisition looks miles better.

Zoom in and observe closely if you cant see the difference.

DAI looks pretty awesome.

CourierSix1987d ago

I agree somewhat, but I feel people are to harsh on Bioware. I mean the Mass Effect universe was good, so a little credit for that...

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Kal8531994d ago

Frankly, I don't as much about the graphics as I do about the game not being released 10 months before it's finished and sucking like DA 2 did. Hopefully EA learned their lesson the last time around, and will let BioWare make a complete game.

Eldyraen1993d ago

Finally looked at the shots on my PC and not my phone: look even better on the big screen.

I really hope all the (potentially) great RPGs that are being made turn out great as the next year or two could be phenomenal (or disappointing).

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