Sony Dominates Microsoft In Game Critics Best Of E3 Nominations

Forbes - While every Web site has its own Best of E3 system, the game industry looks to the Game Critics Awards every year because it features the opinions of over 30 top journalists from across the country. The editors of outlets ranging from IGN and Kotaku to USA Today and Wired nominate what they believe were the best games, technology and hardware of the annual trade show. So this collective gives an aggregate view of the best of what’s coming out this Christmas and beyond for gamers.

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NeverEnding19891731d ago ShowReplies(12)
DEEBO1731d ago

man right about now i don't care who won.i just want to play some new games,new systems,just come out already.the last of has got me all buildup ready for some new experience's.

fenome1731d ago

One well said bubble vote to you sir! I agree 100%!! I'm ready for this!!

The_Con-Sept1730d ago

2014 is taking forever to get here..... I'm going to FREEZE MYSELF!!!!!!!

The_HarryEtTubMan1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Wow Playstation is spanking Xbox this gen. I feel like last generation was a little closer than this gen will be, and Xbox was last place then too

A-laughing-horse1731d ago


Sony played the price game..

medman1731d ago

The price game, the superior specifications game, the first party developers game, the indie game, the game is over son. PS4.

pompombrum1731d ago

No Sony played the gamers first game. Microsoft played the arrogant game and lost miserably.

T21731d ago

uh... just in case you failed to pick up on this, the price game is big when you also offer superior performance, compatibility ( i can't believe the one has no bluetooth), and options (3rd party accessories)....

... your comment is the equivalent of saying "oh no big deal, that porsche is cheaper than that prius, but they are about the same"....
...Again do what you want, but don't expect people not to laugh at you when you buy the prius.... and in this case the prius doesn't save you on fuel either lol.

Urusernamesucks1731d ago

Lol ecactly^^^

Sony has nothing on ms but a price.

tiffac0081731d ago

^This proves that gamers have short term memory.

This is about E3 before MS did a 180 on the X1 policies. So they had more than just price during that time.

Now lets see if they also do a 180 on indies self publishing on the X1.

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MasterCornholio1731d ago

That's actually funny because Microsoft swore that they would kill all the PS4s hype at E3 with their new Xbox.

Motorola RAZR i

No_Limit1731d ago

LOL, Critics please, I'll be more than happy to play Forza 5, Ryse, DR3, Killer Instinct at launch. Thank you very much. I am my own critic.

HammadTheBeast1731d ago

MS - 15 games in first year, 2 are timed exclusives, at least 2 are Kinect.

Sony - 20 games in first year, no timed exclusives, not even counting hundreds of indie and F2P games and those on PC.

No_Limit1731d ago

Whatever, I plan on getting both but until those PS4 games show their faces, Xbox1 has the better software for me. Did you see Titanfall?

MRMagoo1231731d ago

yeh i saw titanfall running on a pc miles better than the xbone and it still looked like future cod so whats your point ?

Ausbo1731d ago

Well you must have insider information to know which games are timed exclusives then. So tell me what games and ill take a source too. I could see maybe titanfall, but thats it.

humbleopinion1730d ago

MS announced 15 games coming only from internal studios, and confirmed to be talking about retail games only. So games such as Titanfall and Below are not even counted towards that.

Sony's 20 games on the other hand have no confirmation if it's just internal studios (so no 2nd party studios or 3rd party publishers), and if that's excluding downloadable titles. We'll have to wait and see I presume.

joefrost001730d ago

All of you must sleep during the part of the sony conference when all of them indie games said they will make there console DEBUT with the Ps4
Meaning they were all timed exclusive even blow's game the witness timed exclusive

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HammadTheBeast1731d ago

I did see Titanfall. In fact, I'm pretty excited to get it on PC. But I have no doubt its coming to PS4 within a year.

Virtual_Reality1731d ago

With those 30 Exclusives from 1st Party Devs working on PS4, Gamescom will be E3 Part 2 and TGS E3 Part 3.

ThatCanadianGuy5141731d ago

SOE will be having their own event as well.Aug 1st i believe.Get ready for the next everquest!

(Shown behind doors at E3 and those who seen it were absolutely blown away)

Good times for PS4.

HammadTheBeast1731d ago

Planetside 2 on PS4 as well. Gonna be sweet. Hopefully new Ever quest is also on PS4.

Urusernamesucks1731d ago

Lol more indie games?
Anyone got any proof that these are AAA?

noctis_lumia1731d ago

indie is good
these studios that are working for sony right now are the future for the video gaming industry

S2Killinit1731d ago

more proof than Microsoft could ever have with their track record, of the 15 "exclusives", you wont get many AAA since they simply don't have the studios.

HammadTheBeast1731d ago

They've confirmed its first party AAA studio games.