Yoichi Wada's New Role At Square Enix- Reactions

Earlier this year Yoichi Wada stepped down as president of Square Enix and now apparently has a new role in the company. According to Kotaku and the corporate officer listing, Wada was made Chairman of the Board for Square Enix this June. He is currently listed as “incumbent” or holding said office. This is unusual news since Square Enix sent out a statement saying that Wada would not be reappointed to the Board of Directors. Wada’s demotion was part of a company wide reorganization after yet another horrible sales quarter for the famous RPG company. Square Enix Origin investigates on this matter and Yoichi Wada’s new role could surprise you

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Godmars2902001d ago

No point in me trusting anything out of Square until its been released and generally reviewed then.

Godlovesgamers1999d ago

"Yoichi Wada's New Role At Square Enix- Reactions"

Fortune Teller Middleman?