PSone sale starts today – what are your favourite #PlayStationMemories?

PS Blog EU writes:
"Hi everyone! I hope that you are all as excited as we are after E3 for the rapidly approaching launch of PlayStation 4. Duly, we thought this would be the ideal time to take a look back at the history of PlayStation."

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-GametimeUK-1257d ago

Would much rather have a sale on newer games. PS1 games are relatively cheap anyway, but I only ever consider buying newer games off the store when they're on sale because of the ridiculous pricing.

Prime_281257d ago

I agree the pricing for ps1 games are absolutely ridiculous.

Xaphy1256d ago

ps1 games should cost around 1$.

cpayne931256d ago

1$ would be retarded. Much more valuable than that.

sdozzo1256d ago

They should all be $4.99 regular price.

jazzking20011256d ago

its costly >.<

will this happen in the US?

Xof1256d ago

Probably not.

Fortunately for me, I already own every PS1 game worth buying... that they offer digitally.

Seriously, what the hell is the hold-up on Suikoden 2?

DragonKnight1256d ago

Konami doesn't like money from us gaijin apparently.

Xof1256d ago

@DragonKnight: last time I checked, it wasn't up in the Japanese store either (otherwise I would own it) so that's not really the issue.

RioKing1256d ago

In the US, people will make EU PSN accounts and still be able to download/buy every game they want :D

A-laughing-horse1256d ago ShowReplies(1)
microgenius1256d ago

i love ps1 but seriously why pay for its games when you can emulate them on the PC all free?

Cam9771256d ago

For use on the PS3, PS Vita or PSP.

thecurseddevil1256d ago

there are homebrew ps1 emulators available for ps3 too.

but while using them you dont get any guarantee whether a particular rom will work or not unlike when you purchase from psn.

Cam9771252d ago

And you support the developer, considering they're still present

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The story is too old to be commented.