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Submitted by donniebaseball 958d ago | interview

Activision: Microsoft has to prove Xbox One's premium price is worth it

( Eric Hirshberg talks to us about next-gen, how consoles will continue to be a stable market, and why ATVI is very careful with investments in mobile (Activision, Industry, Next-Gen, Xbox One)

MarkM  +   958d ago
They did in my opinion , they are giving me a console that does way more ,offers more & will do way more in the future while still allowing me to play a ton of great games.
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BlackTar187  +   958d ago
Please elaborate. Offers more:

Will do way More:
Ron_Danger  +   958d ago
His head is in the clouds
MarkM  +   958d ago
The many TV features , sports add-ons, Kinect w/ Skype, entertainment from their own studios, the ease of switching from one device to another.
These are many of the things I look forward to, also seeing as how the Company is arranging it business model to be more along the lines of hardware & services . meaning all their devices we see an increase in features, Apps & what not.
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NewMonday  +   958d ago

and what "features" are exclusive?

Godmars290  +   958d ago
The chief criticism is, has been and likely will continue to be that MS puts free services behind XBL Gold to justify paying for it to its general audience.

They allowed Sony to embarrass with them Netflix, something they had as console exclusive for almost a year, and the same thing is going to happen again with all the F2P titles coming up for the PS4 - which actually wont cost people anything to play because they don't need PS+.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   958d ago
The question is, Was it justifiable behind the DRM always connected console?

With the likes of getting Your digital games anywhere and sharing it with up to 10 of your friends. Like I said before, It would be a potential game changer if they included all of that now DRM free and you know MS can.

Seeing how our "feedback matters" to them they would still opt to those features.
iceman06  +   958d ago
I would agree completely. There are many ways to still prevent piracy while allowing Xbox players to share games. But, IMO, this is a "punishment" of sorts. What MS is saying is you could have had this...but now you are stuck with this...without really realizing that there is a LOT of gray area between DRM and NO sharing with friends digitally.
Genuine-User  +   958d ago
Even though I disagree with your choice, I am no one to complain or disagree with your decision.
I hope you enjoy the Xbox one.
Good luck with finding variety and creativity.
Soldierone  +   958d ago
Not entirely. I think MS needs to shove games out galore and hope that works.

The whole "we cost more cus its better" thing doesn't work. Look at Ps3 at launch. Had Blu-ray among all kinds of other benefits and still couldn't sell. Why? Because 360 was so much cheaper.
Godmars290  +   958d ago
Because it looked cheaper when it really wasn't. XBL gold says that.
loulou  +   958d ago
what a shame all those millions who bought 360s didn't know you godmars. you could have saved them money.
iceman06  +   958d ago
Not ONLY gold. But, feature by feature the cost of an Xbox 360 was actually more than a 360. (i.e., HD DVD, Online adapter, HDD, etc.)
BabyTownFrolics  +   958d ago

"I think from a first impression standpoint the win goes to Sony, at least as it relates to pricing. Microsoft is going to have to win the hearts and minds and convince people that the higher price point is worth it, and that it provides really meaningful capabilities that will be meaningful to consumers. And it's a long game, so I am sure that's what they intend on trying to do."

interesting, price will be a determining factor for many parents this xmas. I could definitely see the ps4 taking an early lead in terms of sales next gen. The question is whether the xbox brand is strong enough to retain its users.
True_Samurai  +   958d ago
They will
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Allsystemgamer  +   958d ago
They didn't win with the original Xbox or the 360. They ain't going to win now when they have less support then they ever have
True_Samurai  +   958d ago
Hahaha what? They took over half of Sony's user base with the 360 which caused a huge game changer for the company and caused them to succeed. Your speculation is of a child. You all claim the damage is done and no changing it? Microsoft showed they are willing to back track for the consumers and for our money. Less support? as long as there are people who want the x1 that's all the support they need. Not Lil fanboys like you who act like they know how to run a business and what's good for everyone so sitdown and be a good Lil boy/girl
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Allsystemgamer  +   958d ago
@ true ninja.

I'm no fanboy. I supported Microsoft until now. My live account is h311 rais3r and there is a big fat 7 on my gamer card. Halo is my favorite fps series and I much prefer the 360 controller opposed to the ds3.

I'm sorry your too dillusional to face the facts that Microsoft has never beaten Sony or Nintendo. When it comes to the console race it comes down to who sold more and Microsoft is at the bottom of that list.

M$ was only ahead because of a 1 year lead and a cheaper console at the start. That's it. They made a smart start but they're reversing that now with outdated hardware, policies and a ridiculous price point.

No one aside from casuals like kinect. Even casuals stopped using it. Forcing people to do things they don't want to do NEVER works.

That and the pre orders speak for themselves.

I refuse to buy a product that has outdated parts that you can throw into a PC for cheaper and make it run more efficiently. MS is trying to be apple at this point and it's not working.

Also resorting to putting words ism my mouth is extremely childish. I never said I was speaking for what people should get or what's good for people. Your just a dillusional Internet need trying to defend something that can't be defended. It's a pointless battle. They didn't steal half of Sonys fan base. I wasn't a Sony fan until MS decided to introduce horrible policies. The fact that you got so defensive and mustered speculation just shows your either

A child
Have major insecurity issues
Or sucking M$ d***

My guess is all 3

Sony has my preorder now. Not Microsoft. I had a 360 at launch and I didn't get a ps3 until halfway through its life span. Now kindly take your sorry sad excuses and enjoy being spied on by the NSA and when your mommy wants you to stop throwing a temper tantrum all she has to say is Xbox off.
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True_Samurai  +   958d ago
No temper tantrum here don't catch feelings because I got on your a$$ ^_^ I just decided to give you facts before you spew nonsense. And yet you say horrible policies? That's true but we showed them we weren't putting up with that with our WALLETS. they don't have to care for us as a person or gamer but they WILL and I say WILL care for our money. If they have to bow out because my Benjamins aren't agreeing with them then that's fine with me. Year head start? That's what they needed. Did you see what the ps2 did to og Xbox? They had to start off the HD era sooner. Along with rrod they still came out good. Now that they're getting their shit straight with DRM and Indies, not releasing final specs they're ready. $500 is not too much for what ms is offering. I'm mainly and Xbox person you may even call me a fanboy but for certain just like Sony fanboys I will defend my preferred brand. Lol you exposed yourself as a pathetic Lil person who believes in the NSA in spying through the kinect. No internet to send a signal you little tard :-D
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Ron_Danger  +   958d ago
Am I the only one who finds it funny that Activision is wanting to see value in the price of XB1?
Why o why  +   958d ago
The only cod I enjoyed was the first modern warfare but those who play it get value judging by the hours I see people put it on multiplayer.. It valuable to those people. I do get your point though
Eldyraen  +   958d ago
Personally I don't mind the price and even like the games we have seen so far

I'm still picking up a PS4 first though as it is cheaper and many of Xbox One features are still in the works or now scrubbed. I will still buy one later though but no idea when. Launch is still a possibility but very, very unlikely... next summer though sounds about right as should be the usual game slump pre-Fall/Holiday releases so I can pick it up for exclusives up till then. Plus next year we will likely see an established AAA exclusive like Halo or something similar that can sell it more than what we have seen thus far.

PS4 though just doesn't "need" to prove as much ATM for most so its why its so popular. It does look and sound to be the best value unless you simply detest the games, service, etc. Legitimate reasons in my book but not ones I am concerned with really.
captain_slow82  +   958d ago
seems to me there not in MS back pocket anymore lol

EA hows that brown ring tasting lol
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ASBO-5  +   958d ago
oh yeah? how?
ceedubya9  +   958d ago
I’m going to be honest. While I am getting both consoles at launch, under different circumstances in which I would not have had the ability to get both, I would have gotten the PS3 first. The main reason I am not holding off on the Xbox One now is because of some of the exclusive games that are releasing for it at launch. I really want to play those and don’t want to wait. I’m fortunate enough to be able to have both consoles this November.

However, most people may only be able to afford one, and if Kinect and exclusive games aren’t impressive enough for someone to pay that extra 100 dollars, then the price point of the PS4 is VERY attractive. Both will initially offer similar experiences from the third party blockbuster side, and 400 dollars is a great entry point into next generation gaming. 17 more dollars for a 3 month sub to PS Plus can also guarantee online multiplayer for a bit if you are hurting for cash at the moment, not to mention Drive Club PS+ and Outlast and whatever other games come during that time. It is a very wallet friendly option to get started. And, given how close these consoles are, the extra $100 dollar savings makes a lot of sense for most people.

I believe that this is another situation in which Microsoft will need to take a hard look at their pricing. I’m willing to pay the 500 for it, but mainly because I would have bought the Kinect anyway. Most people feel differently and don’t need it. But, they need to price the box more competitively if they want to keep Kinect in it, even if that means taking a hit in the early run on profits. Even a drop to 450 could mean a lot. But 399 matching would be more ideal.
iceman06  +   957d ago
I agree with you. I ALSO think that MS will have to take a hard look at it's strategy. The 3rd party exclusive thing is getting tired. They are going to HAVE to prove what makes MS and the Xbox brand special...and it shouldn't be MONEY! MS has to capitalize on Kinect 2.0 and their vision of what the Xbox One represents both for their core and the audience at large. Xbox 360 became the default "go to" console mostly because of the cost. It wasn't $600. Sure, it proved itself with some great games. But, initially, people rebelled against the "arrogance" and high price of PS3. Well, MS has got the arrogance box checked and they have priced at $100 higher. I expect a close race through the years. However, at launch, it might not be as close as most would have it.
d_dogg2007  +   958d ago
Choosing xbox one over ps4 is like choosing spam over filet mignon! The only thing different is that the filet mignon is actaully cheaper than the spam and of higher quality! I dont even feel bad for people who buy xbox they have never tasted what quality console gaming really is!
MikeyDucati1   958d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
MikeyDucati1  +   957d ago
Xbox is not an inferior product. Do you say that because of the policy uproar? Yes. Both systems have strong points and weak points. There's no way a person can say at this very moment that Xbox is an inferior product. They said the same thing about PS3. Devs complained about its advanced architecture, and because of it, PS3 was looked upon as an inferior product. Yet and still, combine a room full of PS3s and you got a supercomputer.

Yea, you can report my post but the fact remains. You need to shut up with your critical posts against MS just because everybody is on a hate MS bandwagon. It's tiresome. What they offer or offered was appealing to some. Is that unfathomable? According to what I read on N4G, yes. I would enjoy your opinion if it wasn't biased or if you looked at the information objectively. That you have not.
MikeyDucati1  +   958d ago
Activision...shut up. Really.
ironmonkey  +   957d ago
Its not inferior its more like a rushed out bad decision expensive tool. It will pump out some great games but will lag behind when more ram is required. I dont think it will have its legs like 360 has now.

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