GameSpy: Sega Superstars Tennis Review

GameSpy writes: "Virtua Tennis 3 was a mighty fine game, so a re-skinned version that focuses on what is arguably one of VT3's best qualities (the mini-games) should be a totally satisfying experience. To a degree, Sega Superstars Tennis fills this role nicely, but at the same time reveals some issues with the simplification that the cartoony art style brings to the classic tennis gameplay. While a pleasant diversion, there's just not much to keep you playing unless you are super tickled by the prospect of unlocking scads of classic Sega characters and their themed tennis venues.

Fans of the Sega brand will undoubtedly rejoice in the inclusion of some favorites in the roster of Sega Superstars Tennis. Of course, Sonic and Ulala are present as well as Monkey Ball-dwelling AiAi, Tails, Sonic's ersatz girlfriend Amy... the list goes on and on. Even Sonic's arch-rival Doctor Eggman wants in on the volleying action. It's surprising to see so many familiar faces in the roster... who knew there were this many recognizable Sega characters to begin with?"

-Colorful, hi-res characters and courts
-Loads of classic Sega heavies
-Simple mechanics

-Offers little more than Virtua Tennis 3 with Sega celebrity-themed courts and mini-games

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