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Submitted by Prcko 962d ago | news

Analysts Predicts Battlefield 4 Sales To Hit 14 Million

Sterne Agee analyst offers sales estimate for upcoming shooter; believes it can successfully coexist alongside Call of Duty: Ghosts.
Despite competition from Call of Duty: Ghosts, DICE's Battlefield 4 will sell 14 million units upon launch later this year, according to Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia. The analyst revealed the prediction today in a note to investors that was focused on Activision Blizzard. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

WolfOfDarkness  +   962d ago
" It will "
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Xaphy  +   962d ago
I hope they are not forgetting about the people who are switching over from COD. Im one of them.
Coltrane_C  +   962d ago
Not down with the Dog?
LOGICWINS  +   962d ago
As far as next-gen is concerned, BF4 will without a doubt outsell Ghosts. And that trend will continue. I dnt see the dude bros spending $399-499 to play COD.
Johnsonparts23  +   962d ago
@LOGICWINS they don't need to since its being released on PS3 and Xbox 360......and no it won't outsell COD, not even within 5 million units. Just like COD there's no real innovations to BF4, just better graphics and 60fps.
Darrius Cole  +   962d ago

I know it's been done before, but 64-player multiplayer is quite a change from the 12-on-12 multiplayer that was in console Battlefield and COD.
torchic  +   962d ago
I agree with you LOGIC

Battlefield 4 will sell more than Ghosts on next-gen platforms for sure.
FunkMacNasty  +   962d ago
"I hope they are not forgetting about the people who are switching over from COD. Im one of them."

That's cool... as long as you aren't hoping DICE will add killstreaks, akimbo shotguns, and quick-scoping for you just because you switched. ;-)
jetlian  +   962d ago
I think cod will still out sell BF on next gen. Player count wont have an effect. BF has more players now when compared to cod.

They have different play styles. I like BF more but It being harder makes people flock to cod
Andreas-Sword  +   962d ago
I also pre-ordered Battlefield 4 for the PS4.
Koyes  +   962d ago
I don't really see what either franchise bring new to the table. Hating on CoD is the 'cool' thing to do, but BF lacks innovation too. All I can is pretty graphics, not much more. FPS as a whole are stale, not just select series.
Hufandpuf  +   962d ago
oh idk, maybe bringing the full battlefield experience that was only reserved for PC players to the console with an engine that will live on into the next-gen life-cycle.
SIRHC13  +   962d ago
I'm betting more. I think it will definitely beat out Call of Duty on the next gen front, although I can see Ghosts having a relatively slight lead over BF this year in contrast to past years on current gen platforms. I think a decline is going to begin with the next gen.

Ghosts simply doesn't look nearly as good as most other games, particularly Battlefield 4. And BF4 with 60 frames and possible 1080p with 64 player servers... Shit's about to get real.
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ricochetmg  +   962d ago
on consoles ?
SIRHC13  +   962d ago
COD > BF4 (Current Gen)
COD < BF4 (Next Gen)

The difference in visual fidelity is pretty clear. When buying a next generation platform, I doubt consumers will have Call of Duty in mind. I 100% believe next gen will be dominated by Battlefield.
Johnsonparts23  +   962d ago
just like COD though it looks the same as last gen apart from the graphics. I think people underestimate the popularity of COD, the last 3 made over a Billion each.... a BILLION! BF4 will sell more than it usually does, but it won't come within 5 million units of COD. Not for any other reason than fan base and popularity.
FunAndGun  +   962d ago
I don't remember collapsing skyscrapers, dropping tanks through the streets into the lower level, and water battles with dynamic waves on last gen Battlefields.
SIRHC13  +   962d ago
Even BF3 was pretty ahead of its time. Current Gen didn't do it justice. Next Gen on the other hand will feature a fully-realized Battlefield, and that entire console audience will be introduced to what all of the fuss is about.
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ricochetmg  +   962d ago
It will be my first ps4 game so yea...
JsonHenry  +   962d ago
I think CoD will sell well but BF4 has a good chance to "win" long term. The problem is the new CoD game looks so dated because they are making it for the older systems as well that BF4 will grab the attention of the early console adopters that want the best looking and flashiest game and snowball from there.

Both MS and Sony have enough power in their consoles to run the game at ultra settings (the 7970 can easily run BF3 max@1080p) so gamers are in for a real treat visually. And if you are like me you like the fact that you can play so many different game modes on CoD with such varied map sizes that it makes CoD offerings seem pathetic by comparison. The one thing I wish that BF4 would implement that the new CoD has though is a lean function. But I think that might make sniping overpowered in BF4 so I can see why they didnt want to add it as it might be a game breaker.
Johnsonparts23  +   962d ago
they're making BF4 for older consoles too......
JsonHenry  +   962d ago
Yes but they have the high end PC version to port to the new consoles. The CoD series has never had a high end DX10/11 version like the BF/Bad Company games have had for over 5 years.

Even running at max PC settings the CoD games look like something from early 2000s on PCs and only have DX9 support.
Sitdown  +   962d ago
My only dilemma is which console to purchase it for...
JsonHenry  +   962d ago
I will probably end up buying it for PC and then again on the PS4 since just about everyone I know is going with the PS4 instead of the Xbox this time around.
Sitdown  +   962d ago
I never really gamed on the pc......well not since my Tandy 1000 days; so my decision is between the Xone and PS4. I historically have liked the Microsoft controller for fps, but with recent news on the ps4 controller the debate begins.
JsonHenry  +   962d ago
If you don't like it you could always get one of those after market controllers that are shaped like the opposing console's controller.

I will probably end up getting one of those keyboard/mouse converters for my PS4 for the FPS style games.
titletownrelo  +   962d ago
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titletownrelo  +   962d ago
PS4. Done. NEXT!...
NatureOfLogic  +   962d ago
I hope not. I'm really getting sick of FPS thanks to COD.
Cuthbo  +   962d ago
You weren't forced to buy nor play COD, the blame can't be on them... Only yourself.
josephayal  +   962d ago
PS4/X1/PC Battlefield 4 sure does look pretty, but why play the exact same game over and over each year?
Cuthbo  +   962d ago
Battlefield unlike COD/Assassins Creed etc. isn't released annually.
FunkMacNasty  +   962d ago
huge BF4 sales might not be great news
When games start pulling Call of Duty numbers, publishers tend to do things to keep the profits growing. And that ususally means targeting the largest crowd (casual shooter fans) and targeting the crowd with the most expendable income (tweens with part time jobs that have no financial responsibilities). We've seen Activision do this over the years and hence, CoD is now full of foul mouthed little kids that play with no tactics or strategy.

That's okay, CoD does what it does way better than any other casual shooter on the market, but let's keep the no-scopers and killstreak boosters separate from the people that are actually interested in team-based play and real competition. I think that the lines will become blurred if BF games start selling over to too many people from the CoD crowd.

I don't mean to sound like an elitist. I don't believe that you can't enjoy BOTH games, but I feel that theres only a small percentage of gamers who can run-n'-gun around CoD maps, then switch over to the slow, methodical, strategic and team based gameplay of Battlefield.
Akuma2K  +   962d ago
BF4 has raised the bar on how a FPS should be made and COD Ghosts has an uphill battle to beat it, we very well may see a "changing of the guard" this next gen with BF4 making it's presence known.
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andeaaro  +   962d ago
Between BF4 and Titanfall, I see no reason why COD MOD should remain supreme next gen. I see Respawn making a huge wake with Titanfall, and Activision is going to wish ol' Vince was still on their team.
mkotechno  +   962d ago
PS4 + BF4 on day 4 playing on DS4.
I will not need more games until summer.

Call of what?
B-radical  +   962d ago
Maybe you should wait 4 reviews 4 reviews tell us the good and the bad about games 4 what its worth im sure bf4 will be good 4 all to enjoy
o-Sunny-o  +   962d ago
Dice made sure buildings collapse and kill people with destruction. Inf Ward made sure they vote to kill the dog. I don't like animal cruelty. I'll choose buildings. ^~^
WolfOfDarkness  +   962d ago
I have never ever tried to play with 64 people online , I am sure it will be enjoyable !

64 players online !
I can waiting to use my sniper rifle ;)
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ginsunuva  +   962d ago
You guys do realize that if BF becomes the better-selling FPS, it will start to become a microtransaction/DLC cheap quality copy-&-paste yearly game like CoD.

It's the endless cycle of FPS's rising and falling.

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