GameSpy: Persona 3: FES Preview

GameSpy writes: "We loved Persona 3 quite a bit, giving it the PS2 RPG of the year award for 2007. Persona 3: FES is more Persona 3, but better. From our early look, we have a few minor issues with FES, but it's pretty hard to argue with this $29.99 release's value. That thirty bucks gets you the full game, additional content for the game, and a new, roughly 30-hour "episode" added onto all of that. And you can access the new episode immediately upon loading the game.

The core appeal of the game really depends on whether you've already spent dozens of hours lovingly plying Tartarus or if the whole experience is a new one. The new end game, with the "real" ending, can be started without going through the main game. This 30+ hour section casts you as Aegis, one of the characters from the core game, and is heavily focused on dungeon crawling through a new chamber of horrors. For newcomers, or vets who want to do it all again (which is worth the time; Persona 3 is well worth replaying), there are substantial additions to the core game."

-Even more Persona 3
-New content for replays and end game
-Atlus bringing great Japanese titles to the U.S.
-Great value

-Missing compendium and social gameplay

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