Media Create software sales (6/17 - 6/23)

Media Create published the latest software sales from Japan, including first week sales for The Last of Us.

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allformats1970d ago

Even in Japan The Last of Us is a marvel.

Shinobi1001970d ago

A good game only appeals to the market it is aimed at, but a good STORY has universal appeal

HammadTheBeast1970d ago

It's just a great game overall.

Shinobi1001970d ago

Vita las Vegas did well. Too bad there are no games for it here in the West

ltachiUchiha1970d ago

Glad to see a warm welcome for TLOU in japan. Hope it can keep it up. Naughty Dog deserves it.

Prcko1970d ago

wow,epic numbers for japan

vikingland11970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Those numbers will probably go up after word of mouth gets around I bet. Still good numbers for a western game.

Inception1970d ago

Woah, i don't expect TloU with those sales in japan. Good job for ND ^^. And lately i team up with japanese gamers in TloU MP. So i think they really like TloU.

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