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Spartacus Legends Launches on Xbox LIVE Arcade

The highly anticipated free-to-play Spartacus Legends has today launched on the Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360. Available to download now, Spartacus Legends is currently only available to Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers, but will also become available to free members and for PlayStation 3 in the near future. (PS3, Spartacus Legends, Xbox 360)

Update UPDATE: The PlayStation Network edition has now gone live also, available to download internationally.

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Wondersheep  +   797d ago
I have to say I am actually enjoying this game :-)
didnt think I would
Slysi  +   797d ago
^^^^ I Agree with ya there m8, how many unlocks and ranks are in this game?
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CJDUNCAN  +   797d ago
cool game but it's a clone of the deadliest warrior games only exception being no instant kills.

also when playing against someone they can just quit out of the match without consequence.
Stryfeno2  +   797d ago
I'm having trouble downloading it...any ideas why?
biRdy  +   797d ago
Search for it on new arcade games in the marketplace, the dashboard links don't seem to do anything at the moment.
Stryfeno2  +   797d ago
Yeah, you are right. Thx
GusBricker  +   797d ago
Can you play as Gannicus?
Heavenly King  +   797d ago
It is also available for PSN right now.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   797d ago
Available to free members and for PlayStation 3 in the near future.

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