How Xbox One's "Old" Policies are Actually in Effect Today

Xbox One's policies, before they were recently cancelled are actually not new at all, but rather, to the gaming industry and Xbox itself. This goes in depth with how similar policies are actually being used and have been for years now in our society and how we can change that, just like we did with the Xbox One and the used game policies, DRM, connectivity and so on.

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xFoxtrot1974d ago

This is a very well written article on Microsoft and business in general. It opens your eyes to see how big corporations work to get your money.

YNWA961974d ago

I agree, but also its not just MS... all companies the same. They are in the business to make money, simple as that... MS simply has a stigma attached, others are much more discreet, but still do it...

3-4-51974d ago

That is because Microsoft is openly Arrogant about stuff. Arrogance = ignorance no matter how you look at it.

They basically think they are smarter than they really are. They are intelligent, but not that intelligent.

People are easy to read, easy to tell when they are BSing you or lying or making things up.

It was obvious to all intelligent humans exactly what Microsoft was trying to do, and we weren't going to put up with that crap.

They try to make us feel bad about "taking away good features"...

BS....Is it such a hassle to carry 2-3 games weighing less than one pound, over to my friends house ?

Are we that lazy? No...but Microsoft is.

And I'm an xbox, xbox360 owner...I love the 360, but I'm not sure I can support them any longer.

2-3 years from now they will try to sneak this stuff back in.

They are still sneakily figuring out ways to do what they want to me....just wait.

This isn't the last of the negativity for MS.

They had more than half this gen's gamers in the palm of their hand and they threw us to the ground, stomped on us and told us we should like it and appreciate the stomping.

We said no.....we won....for once....because we stood up for ourselves and what we love and believe in.

PooEgg1974d ago

I agree that many companies do this, but I think that the reason that MS got such a backlash is that most gamers are sick and tired of being nickled & dimed around every corner, and we are sick of the way that game companies are slowly striping away all of the basic rights we have grown accustomed to as consumers. I think that a lot of gamers are fed up, and the arrogant Xbox One announcement was simply the last straw for a lot of us.

YNWA961974d ago

"but I think that the reason that MS got such a backlash is that most gamers are sick and tired of being nickled & dimed around every corner"

Thats what worries me, MS went public with their plans, but I believe there are plenty of publishers behind this plan and simply stayed silent because of the backlash. Also, arrogance was a big part in PS3 launch and the year or two after, till they changed tune and started behaving different. They assumed you would buy anything they launched.. PSP, VITA. They have learned, but it seems for Sony, people will forgive, but are they tolerant for MS? Interesting to see...

Death1973d ago

Digital is the future no matter how you look at it. How many of us carry CD's around still? The ability to rip all of your music and carry your entire music library on your phone changed the way many of us buy music. Today it's easier to go to itunes and buy an album since it save you time and fuel.

Games are going the same route. PSN and Live Marketplace have been selling games on consoles for quite some time. These can't be traded or resold since the DRM restrics it. XboxOne games had all the benefits of digital, but could still be traded in unlike an all digital copy.

We won the ability to carry our games with us on disc a little longer. Yay.

YNWA961973d ago

Agreed, we just postponed the inevitable...

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S2Killinit1974d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft does what they wanted to do, in a more subtle way. Like slowly implementing it in a game or two, and then upping it slowly until people bend over.

YNWA961974d ago

If there is money to be made, yes they will, and others...