The essential PS4 guide – price, what’s in the box, release date, games, everything you need

OPM: Here’s everything you need to know ahead of PS4′s launch. When’s it out? What’s in the box? Where do the disks go? If you’ve any questions about the new PS4 DualShock, PS Plus, trophies, backwards compatibility or anything else then this should take care of it all.

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moparful991994d ago

Man I am itching to get a PS4.. Don't know if I can wait till November lol.

IRetrouk1994d ago

Have to agree there, kinda feels like the ps2 launch all over again, cant wait, have to buy two though cause the son wants one for christmas, means no xbox one for me but i can deal with that for now, cant wait for drive club, killzone and a few third partys, will also be getting knack for the "son" lol

moparful991994d ago

For me the only thing on the XBONE that was even remotely tantalizing was TitanFall but I have a 360 so I will pick it up on there... As for the PS4 I am getting
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Drive Club
Watch Dogs
Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag
Battlefield 4
and Knack at launch.. I want to support Cerny and any new IP's Sony releases.. I pray that Sony never turns their back on new and original IP's like the other two companies have.. Its probably my favorite aspect of the PlayStation experience..

IRetrouk1994d ago

That list looks very similar to my own, i kinda want the new forza, but am a bit worried by the one, i got stung with the original 360 5 times in two years with rrod, luckly micro replaced them but it was still a hassle, actually got rid of xbox for about a year untill the gears 3 one came out, couldnt help myself, in short ps4 day 1, xbox one wait and see.

moparful991994d ago

Forza looks good but not worth $499 for the ONE. I actually didn't get the 360 until the new slim because of RROD, Disc read error, Disc mutilation, and the lack of features standard on the PS3.. I know of a lot of people that were burned repeatedly over the shoddy hardware.. But the Slim seems to be the console they should have built from day one... Whats your PSN id and Gamertag I'll add you..

Gamertag: moparful99

SniperControl1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )


Wow, you have owned 6 X360's now that is commitment. Also shows the lack of quality manufacturing & testing by MS!!

Does not bode well for the X1, especially hearing rumors that once again MS are rushing the X1 due mainly due to Sony's launch window.

I still have my original launch PS1, PS2 & PS3, all 3 are working perfectly to this day.

Saying that, i still have a working Atari 2600!!

IRetrouk1994d ago

@ moparful99
psn xTSxRetro

xbl IR3TR0UK

@ snipercontrol i had the original red resi evil 360 too traded in for an elite when it started disk read error crap, that elite then got sold and i took about a year out untill the gears console came out, only reason i stuck with it was because micro replaced the consoles, and yeah those rumors are whats making me wait on the one, dont want the hassle again lol

3-4-51994d ago

yea you probably will play Knack as much if not more than him. lol

guitarded771994d ago

I'm counting the days.

FROM ARTICLE: It says Move is compatible, and that is all they had. But Sony has also confirmed that the PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset is also compatible. Don't know about the standard edition. I'm glad, because I spent enough for that thing, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna use the ear-bud mic thingy included.

Sitdown1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Anybody else get excited over the box art? For you guys that buy multiple titles at do you balance your gaming?......especially multiple fps titles.

Ohhh, and I hate websites with the multiple clicking.

HD_GAMER19891993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

people wondering if headsets will work with the ps4 obviously forgot how awesome bluetooth is. id bet my copy of the last of us that any bluetooth capable handsfree device will work with the ps4 esp the ps3 headsets. im using a jawbone headset on my ps3 just remember guys sony doesnt do proprietary anymore and prob never will. have faith in sony. Have they let us down yet with the ps4. changeable hdd, lithium ion batteries in controllers, move controller support, slot loading faster blu ray drive, 4gb extra gddr5, gaiki ps3 streaming and i bet alot of streamed games will be free for psn plus users,only using 1gb of ram for os, saying they can do cloud gaming like ms but not bragging about it cause they know its nothing to brag about. sonys not perfect but unlike ms they learn from their mistakes.

shadyiswin1993d ago

people actually want knack? convinced it was suppose to come bundled in,looks like a fake ass kameo.... $59.99 yeah,no.

MajorLazer1993d ago

I may pick up a X1 three/four years down the line, but only for Forza. In the mean time, PS4 at launch :D

thechowderp1993d ago

im not sure if its coming to the 360, but its coming to pc, along with most exclusives shown at e3, even dead rising 3 is a timed exclusive. the only exclusive that looked interesting was ryse, but playstation got god of war

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minimur121994d ago

dude it's only5 months away.... not that much ;)

Rob_From_GopRant1994d ago

Yeah - i have never been excited about a console till the ps4. XBOX One can wait for me - till they come out with a slim version. My PC is more powerful but every one needs a console for their couch though.

RickHiggity1994d ago

Oh god, me neither. I actually postponed putting in my 2 weeks at my job just to wait a bit longer and save up. This will be the first console generation where I can buy one of them on day one with my own hard earned money :D

RickHiggity1993d ago

Yea. I'm a college student who doesn't really need a job right now. ANd my hours kind of suck. The downside is that I'll hardly have time to play the damn thing :(

Livecustoms1994d ago

dont worry prob be OCT 29 !

zeddy1993d ago

okay the games in the US are going to stay the same yes? $59.99 so i fully expect UK games to to stay the the same too at £39.99. butif that goes up i'll be outraged.

SkidMudFlap1993d ago

Will the new clickable touchpad wil be L4 & R4??

solidt121993d ago

Hmm I just realized something. Since I have a Vita it makes more since for me to just purchase most of my games off the PSN and download versus retail. That way when I am using remote play I can play all my games since I won't be home to swap the disc.

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B-radical1994d ago

What about that cod aye? Man that cod ghost game looks like its gonna suck!

IRetrouk1994d ago

Have not bought a cod since mw2, got so bored of them i couldnt even look at the disks anymore lol

B-radical1994d ago

I bought black ops 1 and now im done i hate one button to play games. example theres a bit in blops were you get to "drive a car" by that i mean pressing 1 button

Cam9771994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

As much as I want a PS4 I want to stay with this generation because not only are there great upcoming titles (GTA: V & GT6 for example), but there are also titles I either missed or wish to revisit. It is down to this factor that I'm going to wait on the PS4 and prolong my PS3's lifetime in the spotlight as my primary gaming machine before I make the upgrade. I wish to squeeze this generation dry of everything it has to offer.

Does anybody else agree?
There are titles I missed and wish to play (such as the entire Bioshock series), titles I own but wish to play a bit more (such as Uncharted 3's Multiplayer) and there are titles that I sold but want to buy again ( LA Noire & Mirror's Edge being two prime examples). The benefits of doing this are cheaper games, a cheaper PS4 when I finally get round to buying one and a feeling of immense satisfaction when I finally leave this generation and look forward to the PS4 with all of its benefits and upgrades.

the_bebop1994d ago

Same here I have, Tales of xillia and one piece pirate warriors 2 coming out in august, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 remix in september, Final Fantasy X yet to be released and a few games I have yet to go back and finish.

IRetrouk1994d ago

I do agree with your reasoning but i just cant wait, keeping my ps3 for the likes of beyond two souls, gt6 and gta, amoung others like rain plus my hardrive is full of stuff from ps+, but like i say, i just cant wait for the likes of driveclub and killzone amoung others.

Why o why1994d ago

There's gunna be an overlap for me. The unfortunate lack of backwards compatibility has cemented that. The ps3 still has a great backlog building up as I speak. Those who don't just jump on next won't be forced to due to a lack of support now. That isn't sony's way

moparful991994d ago

I'm keeping my PS3 but also getting a PS4 day one.. Its going to be difficult to manage all of those amazing games between the two platforms.. This is a great problem to have lol

JoySticksFTW1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Heck yes, I agree

I've missed a bunch of games this generation that I still need to pick up. I love me some goty editions :)

And between PS plus and, I'm overloaded with games right now.

I'll probably crack and pick up a PS4 when inFamous releases though. It's one of my favorite new IP's from this gen.

Cam9771994d ago

I too may crack. I adored inFamous 2, I tried to platinum it but the final single-player trophy I needed glitched as the final package I needed to pick up wouldn't spawn in a certain district. Woes aside, the series is absolute gold and I thoroughly enjoy it!

solidt121993d ago

Well you can still go ahead and get a PS4. It will take a while for the PS4 library to catch up to the PS3. I plan on still playing my PS3 alot. Those launch title will be beaten in no time so after that back to PS3 until the next set of games launch like Infamous Second Son which will come out during launch window but not on launch day.

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hazardman1994d ago

I cant wait to get the PS4. I have new 750gb hdd for it and pre ordered KZ, DS4, DriveClub,BF4, COD Ghost and AC 4

It woulx be awesome if Sony released PS4 in Oct!

SpitFireAce851994d ago

That would be great my B-day is in Oct i could get
some video game related Birthday gifts.

Lunarassassin1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

I agree with everything thing you've done except from preorder COD ghosts.

hazardman1994d ago

Lol..i know even im tired of COD but my brother and cousins are big COD players. Im more a Battlefield, Ghost Recon, Rainbow 6 i just get it to play with them.

Lunarassassin1991d ago

Same, i gave up on COD after black ops 1. Picked up battlefield 3 and haven't looked back.

LackTrue4K1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

I'm thinking of getting a had drive too. You think it will be better getting a soild state drive??? I know they cost a lot!!! But it's gana be a one time thing, And i want the best for my $.

Ps, my birthday is on Halloween too! :D

vigilante_man1994d ago

Personally, I would go for a 1TB at least. Maybe a 2TB drive. Why go from 500 - 750. It does not seem that big a leap. I can get 1TB for £53 at the moment.

I will stick with the 500GB and then get a 2TB one early next year when the prices drop..

Pillsbury11993d ago

Yeah 500 and even 750 won't be enough next gen. Far too many ps plus games overflowing on my hdd! Good problem to have :)

Themba761994d ago

replace cod ghost with bf4 and you got yourself a real deal there.

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greedybear881994d ago

Mega excited for PS4! Can't wait :D The below picture illustrates this type of excitement...