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The Witness is an adventure game without the bad parts, says Blow

The Witness, announced during the PlayStation Meeting in February (during which the PlayStation 4 reveal occurred), will debut on PlayStation 4 first. Jonathan Blow explained a bit more on the game. (Jonathan Blow, PC, PS4, The Witness)

GameCents  +   585d ago
ing his own horn.
zeal0us  +   585d ago
"without the parts"
Let the players be the judge of that when it releases.
segamon  +   585d ago
we will see but i'm optimistic.
Festano  +   585d ago
Yeah, it seems an interesting game.
creatchee  +   585d ago
I already played Myst. Thanks anyway, Blow.
Loki86  +   585d ago
Wow he is finally talking about his own game, that is a switch.

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