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Submitted by Nyxus 956d ago | news

Snake's enemy in MGSV is 'probably who you think it is'

When asked by a journalist (during an E3 2013 interview) who Snake is up against in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima said:

“I can’t say who it is. But it’s probably exactly who you think it is.” (E3, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

Batzi  +   957d ago
I know who it is..
Nyxus  +   956d ago
Timesplitter14  +   956d ago | Funny
Sorid... Snaku!!!
Heisenburger  +   956d ago

Holy. Freaking. Crap.

I honestly burst out laughing when I read that.

That really caught me off guard buddy.

Well done. Absolutely +funny!

ZombieKiller  +   956d ago
I really wonder if this story will reach the timeline portion of intrude N313. If so, I wonder how they will do it. Maybe switch in characters? Then David Hayter IS in this game....just not as Boss. Or maybe the last Boss is Grey Fox since he gets captured. Either way I bet it will be absolutely epic to see them battle it out. I hope its a long drawn out showdown like Snake vs Ocelot via MGS4....then again, who am I kidding, we all know it will be!
jc48573  +   956d ago
yea, Solid Snake. Hayter will be in the game fo sho.
ZombieKiller  +   956d ago
Remember guys that Gray Fox goes in first and gets captured which is why they send in Snake. So if Kojima said he's looking for someone to make MG 1 and 2 with the Fox engine (as quoted below) then it would be Fox. After all, his mission sparks Snakes very first mission due to his capture.

Fox gets sent in under Operation Intrude 312 and gets captured. Snake is assigned his first mission shortly after: to use the detailed mapping of Fox's mission to find him and the truth about Metal Gear. Where he encounters Big Boss as an enemy.

I wonder during MGSV if you see Boss teaching Snake CQC....I can't freaking wait. Its really fun speculating the story. Not sure if you guys saw the Machinima interview either....they said release date is this fiscal year!! SNAAAAKKKKEEEE!!!!!
TesMgsFan  +   956d ago
It's Zero ! (Skull Face is just working for him i think ?)
Nyxus  +   956d ago
Probably. Kaz wants to take revenge on Zero (Cipher), so it seems they were attacked by him.
Batzi  +   956d ago
That would be too obvious. Kojima said that the enemy would be a surprise.
Fishermenofwar  +   956d ago
Justin Bieber?
solidjun5  +   956d ago
The Boss? Mecha Boss!
SeraphimBlade  +   956d ago
So it IS Ronald Reagan!
Ron_Danger  +   956d ago
It's Lung Cancer
solidboss07  +   956d ago
Its obviously the real 'La Li Lu Le Lo' whom Big Boss is up against, (and Volgin).
Majin-vegeta  +   956d ago
U.S. Government??
LordMe  +   956d ago
He will be joining the Battle for Trost?!
blackstrr411  +   956d ago
Hahaha attack on titan
Eamon  +   956d ago
Apparently back in the trailer, the person whose stomach was opened and Snake took out from it a bomb, was Paz.
Nyxus  +   956d ago
Yes, and the person assisting the surgery is Chico.
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wishingW3L  +   956d ago
now that you guys mention that, I find a bit funny that Paz and Chico are latinos but look like stereotypical white people. It's kind of sad that KojiPro's designers have no idea how South American people look like.

Most of us have brown or black hair (either straight or curly, it doesn't matter) and we all have a bit of color in the skin, we are not so white. And is even worse for Chico since he is Nicaraguan because they have even darker skin like a person from India and straight black hair. But that wouldn't sell right? =/

Nicaraguan children: http://larocanica1.files.wo...
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Eamon  +   956d ago
Latin Americans are a mixture of native Americans and Europeans (mainly Spanish and Portugese).

Spanish and Portugese range in from light brown, olive colour to even really white skins.

I'd then expect many Latin Americans to be white.

Although, I do see your point. White latin americans are far from the majority.
@WishingW3L. The tallest of the girls in that picture has blonde hair and is holding a blonde haired child so your argument is invalid.
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Timesplitter14  +   956d ago
Japanese people are known for being somewhat ignorant of foreign cultures and ethnicities
Eamon  +   956d ago
like americans, no?
Harpers_Ferry  +   956d ago
Yeah, because Chico and Paz are the characters they're hoping will sell the game.
Unicron  +   956d ago
This is one reason I'm sick of the prequels. The Patriots have their hands in everything.

MG is so ready for a new timeline/universe.
-Gespenst-  +   956d ago
You just know that they'd try and tie a new timeline back to the original eventually though. Just to blow our minds.
Eamon  +   956d ago
Peace Walker barely featured anything to do with the patriots.

Only Chapter 5 and the true final boss really had anything to do with the patriots.
Braid  +   956d ago
It's Snake's severed hand. It'll hunt you down.
MWH  +   956d ago
I think it will deal with the Zero's plans and Big Boss's raise to power as the opposition, in the end I think Solid Snake will come into picture as the tool which has been assigned to terminate Big Boss.

Solid's involvement might take place in parallel at the last third of the game (playable?) until the supposed end of Big Boss and Frank or he will show up right before the end and.. to be continued.

I prefer MGSV to concludes the event of Outer Heaven completely and nothing is left between it and the event of Shadow Moses.
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MWH  +   956d ago
and David Hayter may be there after all to reprise as Solid.
Solid Snake could be the antagonist. not as a villain in that sense but as Big Boss's biggest enemy. We know that Zero/Cipher will be in the game and as a major enemy and villain but I think the primary antagonist will be Solid. It makes sense. This game is not just going to take place in 1984 it will be many years after that as well mark my words.
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D3athc3ll  +   956d ago
If its going to be Solid Snake - Well nothing will be better! I pray its Solid Snake - This will make MGS my fav off all time - its already my fav...

Imagine SOLID SNAKE kill you in the end! EPIC!!

I only wish for one thing!!! Make a collection for PS4 with all MGS Titles! Best ever!!
This game will no doubt bleed into the timeline and events of Metal Gear 1 and 2. Kojima also confirmed yesterday that he is looking for a studio to remake Metal Gear Solid using The Fox Engine so that would make me very happy. Its a great time to be an MGS fan for sure.
-Gespenst-  +   956d ago
In 4 Solid Snake had never met Big Boss until the end. Also, Big Boss is still alive in 4, so there'll be no "killing" of him, especially not by Solid Snake.

Zero and Burnt-Volgin will both be primary antagonists.
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Firan  +   956d ago

Solid Snake 'killed' Big Boss 2 times in Outer Heaven (MG) & Zanzibar (MG2). That's way before MGS4 and even before MGS1.

Some fans speculate if MSGV will cover the Outer Heaven uprising as an epilogue or something.
My_Outer_Heaven  +   956d ago
Skull face could easily be a very burnt Volgin after getting struck by lightning and shot with loads of RPG rounds in MGS3, plus he could have survived and waited to take revenge!

The way Skull face pushes through those other Soldiers like reminds me of Volgin's cocky attitude.
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-Gespenst-  +   956d ago
I always thought the burnt face guy was Volgin...
Maninja  +   956d ago
What if at the end of the game, you're enemy is solid snake and you get to see their encounters from metal gear 1 and 2 from big boss's perspective. And throughout the game we see what has shaped big boss's opinion on war and child soldiers "Start a war, fan its flames, and create victims... then save them, train them... and feed them back onto the battlefield."
My_Outer_Heaven  +   956d ago
Great idea.. I like the fact that MGSV is the closest game to the original MG games. I hope Solid Snake gets mentioned in MGSV or even gets featured in a flash forward scene or perhaps a child Snake. Eli certainly looks like he will be Liquid Snake his attitude looks identical even his clothing and tagline.. Cursed by his own fate. Solid Snake could be in it as a child called David, its plausible! I hope Big Boss finally begins creating Outer Heaven. Cypher aka the founding members of the Patriots are creating a weapon in the middle east that surpasses Metal Gear. I reckon this so called weapon is the Les Enfants Terribles project. Big Boss has certainly broken a few Metal Gears in his time just like Solid Snake. I also hope they bring back Major Zero. I would also love to see Grey Fox make an appearance.. It would be great if Grey Fox is indeed Ishmael. IMDb shows Grey Fox in the cast!
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