Yoichi Wada is Still High in the Ranks of Square Enix, Now Chairman of the Board of Directors

Yoichi Wada is a controversial figure in the game industry. That’s why when his resigning as President and Representative Director of Square Enix was hailed by many with Joy and by a few with a bit of melancholy.

Looks like, despite his resignation, he didn't go too far, and will be able to watch from an executive position the rebirth of Final Fantasy XIV, that he stubbornly supported.

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Smurf11492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

@Abriael, Do you spend all day on GAF or what? Haha.

Prcko1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

probably owner of dualshockers
it's easy to get top stories when you own a site :)

Abriael1492d ago

Not really owner, I'm just the news editor.

Need4Game1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )


You've been warned.

Abriael1492d ago

@Need4Game: because he makes them, rite.

DragonKnight1492d ago

@Need4Game: You've been trolling that forever. It's not going to happen. You've been owned.

3-4-51492d ago

@ Need ...You act like that is a bad thing.

kalkano1492d ago


It most definitely is.

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yewles11492d ago

...isn't that more of a promotion?

Abriael1492d ago

Not necessarily a promotion, while the president has more of an executive role, the chairman of the board has more a vigilance and control role.

King-Prodigy-X1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

Disagrees are from Wada.

r211492d ago

Oh no....he's back...for more Lightning Saga D:

Oneirous1492d ago

Dat avatar! Reflects your message perfectly.

r211492d ago

Hahaha it kinda does. Its Toph from the Avatar comics btw :)

araman1492d ago

I'm ok with this as long as he's not making major decisions. Keep that man away from 15 and KH3.

Inception1492d ago

I think his the one who made the decision to change versus name into XV and gone multiplat for both XV & KH 3.

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