CVG: The House of the Dead 2&3: The Return review - More than meets the rotting eye

CVG writes: "It's not often you get a bargain, but as anybody who's familiar with the HOTD series will know, Return contains two games for the price of one.

We know what you're thinking here: "Of course it's two games, the title says so!" But before you start demanding P45s, just bear with us for a second.

You see, although House Of The Dead 2 and 3 share a few things in common - namely zombies, the Zapper, and a plot as thin as a steamrollered anorexic - they are completely different games.

HOTD 2 is a test of skill, patience and precision, whereas 3 is a much more casual affair that can be seen off with little more than an itchy trigger finger."

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