Dan Greenawalt: Forza Motorsport is “The Master of Everything”, Gran Turismo 5 is a “Very Good Game”

Dan Greenawalt has always been very confident on the quality of the Forza Motorsport franchise, and he’s always vocal about it when on stage or interviewed. He’s also seen as not very keen to speak with people that criticize the direction of the series,this time, though, he bravely (and a bit smugly) responded to some very pointed questions.

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Aceman181971d ago

Hey Dan you'd think the master of everything would at least have day/night cycles, and changing weather conditions.

This dude DB if I ever saw or heard one.

M-M1971d ago

Who needs realtime weather effects when you have the cloud? /s

Aceman181971d ago

I can't believe these people have made me hate the word cloud now haha.

XabiDaChosenOne1971d ago

Lmao the irony of having the power of "teh cloud" yet the game has no rain in it.

AngelicIceDiamond1971d ago

Forza 5 has a different focus it seems. Horizon had weather and day and night cycles.

Turn 10 seems to focus on the cars, mechanics and cloud stuff. Then again it is dumb to think a next gen system can't include everything though.

MarkM1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

No the worst work at Sony, correction the top two work at Sony.

yewles11971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

"The interviewer didn’t give up, and listed many sim racing features missing from Forza games or only partially simulated (repairs on the aerodynamics, full pit stops, realistic tire wear and fuel consumption, functioning drag tree), but Greenawalt minimized their importance, taking the chance to mention the upcoming cloud-based features.

'Fair points, but, but again, Forza (and 'Forza 5' in particular) offers so much more than these rather minor details and concerns from our niche brothers and sisters on the racing side of Forza life.'& quot;

...and yet GT gets nitpicked about engine sounds (while Forza's toilet sharts are defended to death).

Abriael1971d ago

They say the underdog always get defended, while the one sitting on the throne gets the criticism.

Mystogan1971d ago

Sitting on what throne? This is 2013 people. GT has long lost its seat.

IRetrouk1971d ago

When?, before or after selling over 10 million copies of the latest instalment?

humbleopinion1971d ago

Only, the problem with GT is much more than engine sounds. It's the base game that is lacking some major features in both the simulation department, car tweaking, online functions, UI and uneven graphics (with most models being PS2 level models).

If anything, you just showed how Forza gets nitpicked here on partial simulation features which aren't even existing on Gran Turismo. But I guess I an agree with Abriael, only it's Forza that has been on the throne for years and now its their turn to get nitpicked..

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IRetrouk1971d ago

I love forza but its never been on the throne, it may be higher rated but it does not sell, why do you think that is? Also gts base game is fine, so are the cars and tracks, while you focus on a few weak links ten million or so have focused on the amazing sim that it is, i really do like forza, have a look at my gamercard for proof, but to me gt is still the better sim, it could all change in the future but for now gt is still where its at for racing fans all over the world.

InTheLab1971d ago

No one buys the game dude. You can talk kings and thrones all day but it doesn't matter when MS continues to pump these games out to stay profitable.

The truth is, Forza does not sell without major bundles.

Forza 4 shipped with Skyrim, and that bundle makes up the majority of it's 4.5m sales. If you look at the timeline, Forza 4 was stuck at 1.5m sales going into last holiday...and then sales took off after the Skyrim bundle hit.

So while Forza is the King of the US, GT is King of the world.

LoveOfTheGame1971d ago

I'm going to stop you guys right there. I wouldn't bring up sales numbers to compare games. Especially if you happen to be Sony fans as it will set you up for a huge downfall in an argument.

Plus sales isn't a deciding factor of which game is better, you know because COD is the best game every year right?

Why o why1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Love of the game

Why not....please don't tell me you believe the rhetoric that sony games don't sell and ms's few games all sell like halo...this is may as well add 'blu ray isn't needed' and 'ps isn't selling and has no games' whilst you hop out of that delorean.

Sales alone definitely don't determine which game is better. I make you right on that but other than halo and gears and now forza ......what hits them numbers if you know what I mean. Even the top devs sales numbers show games are purchased well on both platforms. Despite that, I've played many games throughout my lifetime that just didn't sell well but that didn't detract me from the enjoyment/experience. Conversely I've played very popular games that I've net enjoyed as much..each to their own

In regards to forza vs seems one game is more arcadey than sim...its up to you to choose what you prefer. Nothing wrong with a preference.

IRetrouk1971d ago

@ love, didnt say it was the sales that made it the best just that there is an obviously large fanbase that buy the game consistantly, there is a reason for that, truth be told i enjoy both games, i just prefer gt, i dont consider my prefrence as absolute.

humbleopinion1970d ago

All responders should really read what LoveOfTheGame wrote: bringing up numbers will not really win an argument talking about hardcore games.

After all, does anybody here wishes to compare sales of Gran Turismo to Mario Kart? MK Wii pretty much wipes the floor with any GT release ever, yet nobody in their right mind will claim better sales make it a better sim, right?

GT sells better than Forza, and that's a fact, yes. But Forza is still sells amazingly well with around 4-6 millions per release, and iterations have a much shorter release cycle so there are many sales divided along multiple releases.

But sales numbers are not really relevant to a discussion about quality. When talking quality there are some other facts to consider: Forza is much more critically acclaimed than GT, especially this generation where GT really went down under. And when talking which is a better sim racer, there are the phyiscal simulation prospects to consider: physical damage model, tire model, car model replication, car parameter tweaking etc. - and Forza simply offers more on these prospects.
Hopefully they'll fix it with GT6, but considering the fact that next gen is already around the corner this might be too little too late...

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panbit861971d ago

Not quite... actually it's like the X1... Jack of all trades master of none!