Edge Review: Army of Two

Edge writes: "Anyone who's seen Team America: World Police will be familiar with the delicate refrain "America – fuck yeah!" Those three words pretty much contain the essence of a disappointing Army of Two.

Barring one mission set in Miami, this is a game based around traveling to locations such as Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and China and killing the local militia with a 'pimped' weapon (EA Montreal's word, not ours). Enemies come with monikers like Ali Youssef and Mohammed Al Habiib, while a typical cutscene exchange is "We'll get a beer when this war is over, you son of a bitch". Subtlety isn't high on Army of Two's agenda, then.

It's not particularly clever, either. Gears of War showed how testosterone-drenched violence could be complemented by a knowing script. Call of Duty 4 showed that explosive game situations mirroring realworld warfare could be used for cutting comparisons. Army of Two doesn't deserve to be placed alongside either of those titles, either in narrative or mechanics."

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Baba19063677d ago

i did enjoy this game very much with my brother on splitscreen. no way this deserves a 4 0o

Frnicatr3677d ago

I couldn't stand this game alone or even co-op splitscreen, but this game really does not deserve a 4. Just because I don't like it doesn't mean it's a bad game. Just for how it is and plays I'd give it a 7.5.

Frnicatr3677d ago

You make a valid point Frnicatr. And also, STOP REVIEWING THIS GAME PEOPLE.