Edge: Dead Space Preview

Edge writes: "EA takes survival horror into the depths of space, and proves more resourceful than we had any right to expect.

"We've approached it differently," says Glen Schofield, executive producer of Dead Space. "We built a few mechanics first, the main character, the weapons, and created one polished level and tested the hell out of it. Now, with the mechanics in place, we've got teams working exclusively on the main character, for example, or the puzzles. In many of the games I've worked on we've had plenty of features – but we've never gone that deep into them. This time we've decided to focus on just a few and really polish them".

Schofield's not wrong. Dead Space is polished – ticking all the boxes you'd expect to be ticked by 'Resident Evil on a spaceship'. Gunmetal corridors, steel-mesh floors, bulkheads and wheezing mechanized doors – every element popularized by Ridley Scott's Alien and shamefully regurgitated by Event Horizon (not to mention Hollywood's innumerable poor cousins) is on display here, though in surprisingly good order."

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