PEGI was "short-changed", says Chazerand

Patrice Chazerand, secretary general of European publisher association ISFE - the body that runs PEGI - has told that he believes the Byron Review underestimated the sophistication of the PEGI ratings system, but that he appreciated the recognition shown by Dr Byron all the same.

In an interview discussing the impact that the Review might have on the pan-European ratings system in the UK, Chazerand was complimentary of Dr Byron's methodology.

"Among the things we're appreciative of is the recognition, which is science-based, it's not to please the industry," he said. "And it's recognition as expressed by Byron all along that she didn't want to damage the PEGI system.

"For us it's encouraging, because it's coming from a leading expert doing thorough research about our industry, so we take it as a good tribute, and one that isn't just out of courtesy." But he did admit to initial disappointment when he first discovered that the Review recommended an increased role for the BBFC, at the expense of PEGI.

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