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Ben of Xboxer360 writes, "Shooters from days gone by such as Wolfenstein, Doom, Serious Sam and Quake, offered amazing and unique experiences which were fast paced - full throttle all the way. These games held hours of endless joy without having to tackle gritty, Bafta Award winning concepts. This simplicity is something that the Painkiller series has strived to hold true, forget the graphic power held in computers today that rival what NASA used some years back and who cares about the plot really, sometimes I just want to blow stuff up and wreak some havoc on evil incarnate.

The story in Painkiller is simple, Daniel Garner a young man with everything to live for, was involved in a car accident which killed him and his young wife Catherine but while she ascended to heaven, Garner was held back in purgatory. An Angel known as Samael offers him a chance to see his wife, if he can kill four of Lucifer's most trusted generals, and so begins a head-to-head with hell's best and worst."

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